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Identify the Author with the short story – TNPSC General English

1.The selfish Giant – Oscar Wilde

2.The Lottery Ticket – Anton Chekhov

3.The Last Leaf – O’Henry

4.How the Camel got its Hump -Rudyard Kipling

5.Two Friends – Guy de Maupassant

6.Refugee – Pearl S Buck

7.The Open Window – Hector Hugh Munro (Saki)

8.A Man who Had no Eyes – Mackinlay Kantor

9.The Tears of the Desert – Paulo Coelho

10.Sam – Tammy Ruggles

11.The Piano – D. H. Lawrence

12.The face of Judas Iscariot – Bonnie Chamberlain

13.Swept Away – Susannah Hickling

14.A close encounter – Rex Coker

15.Caught Sneezing – Oscar Wilde

16.The Wooden Bowl – Leo Tolstoy

17.Swami and the sum – R.K. Narayan

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