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Tnpsc British English – American English study material and notes

Tnpsc British English – American English study material and notes

Dear Aspirants, Tnpsc British English – American English study material and notes is given here for your exam preparation. Coming back to literature part of General English, we would like to discuss about important lines from poem, appreciation question from poetry, questions on biography of poet and great leader and British – American English. The important lines will be asked from poem such as,

So each line of a poem is very important to know its exact meaning and if possible memorise it without any confusion in between poem’s name. Few Poetic lines are given below for your reference.

  1. Art is long and time is fleeting

These line are taken from the poem “ A psalm of Life”

  1. And I like a second comes waiting

These line are taken from the poem “Snake”

  1. ‘O’ Tongue of fire

These line are taken from the poem “English words”

  1. Or help to half a crown

These line are taken from the poem “The man he killed”

  1. Stop! Be silent for to-day

These line are taken from the poem “The cry of the children”

  1. Exult! O shores & ring O bells

These line are taken from the poem “ O Captain! My Captain!”

  1. We plan your fields with skulls and bones

These line are taken from the poem “The Earth”

  1. But he’s locked in concrete cell

These line are taken from the poem “A Tiger in the zoo”

  1. It is the star to every wandering bark

These line are taken from the poem “Sonnet No.116”

  1. And in the hush we joined to make

We heard, we heard the brook

These line are taken from the poem “Going for Water”


  1. We ran as if to meet the moon.

Who is the author of this line?

  1. Thomas Hardy    b)   Robert Frost    c) V.K.Gokak   d)  D.H.Lawrence
  1. Harmonic Cacophony to oblivious ears

This line takes place from ?

  1. Shilpi   b) Going for water   c) Migrant Bird     d) Shilpi
  1. I breed my brood

This line relates with which of the below poem?

  1. Psalm of Life    b) Going for water    c) Migrant Bird    d) Shilpi

Appreciation questions from Poem

Generally, the hidden meaning of certain line will be questioned in this appreciation portion.

Poetic Line:  But he’s locked in concrete cell

The author mentioned “He” in the above poetic line. Whom did he  pointed out here?

Answer: Tiger

Likewise, the appreciation question will be asked from poetic lines and also which will be challenging to answer it.


  1. The Author mentioned Albatross as sign of __________
  1. Health    b) Happiness     c) Long Live    d) Good Luck

Answer: Good Luck

  1. Optimistic, Self Acceptance and Being Contented are the theme of which Poem?
  1. Snake     b)  English words    c) Be the Best    d) Women’s right

Answer: Be the Best

  1. If you can’t be a muskie, then just be a bass. What does bass means here?
  1. Stream   b) Bushes    c) Lake    d) Fish

Answer: Fish

This sort of appreciation question will be asked. So read book back questions from all poem.

Questions on Biography

The aspirants need to read all data about the biography of great leader and authors which was covered in the samacheer book. Know a to z of Mahatma Gandhi, Nehru, S.C.Bose, Helen Keller, Kalpana Chawla, Dr.Salim Ali, Nelson Mandela and Abraham Lincoln. In this section, the date of birth, Birth place, their golden sayings, their achievement and their date of death can be expected.


  1. Who was the inspiration for Subash Chandra Bose?
  1. Janaki Nath    b) Prabhavathi    c) Swami Vivekanandha   d) Gandhiji

Answer: Swami Vivekanadha

  1. Who won the award of Ramson Magsaysay?
  1. Sc Bose    b) Kiran Bedi    c) Dr. Salim Ali    d) Gandhi

Answer: Kiran Bedi

  1. Who is the Science teacher for APJ Abdul Kalam?
  1. Ramanadha Sastri   b)  Aravindhan   c) Siva Prakasan     d) Siva Subramania Iyer

Answer: Siva Subramania Iyer

  1. Jhansi Rani was born in __________?
  1. Bithur    b) Maratha     c) Benaras     d) Gwalior

Answer: Benaras

  1. I can’t think of making money out

Of Something that God gave me freee

This was quoted by ___________?

  1. George Washington Carver  b)Abraham Lincoln    c) APJ Abdul kalam    d) Kiran Bedi

         Answer: George Washington Carver

British – American English

English is common and universal language. But accent differs in some country. In such a way, British only differs from American English. This Literature part teaches and also tests the knowledge of both English. It is also differs in spelling and forms.


Serial No British English American English
1. Maize Corn
2. Chips French Fries
3. Truck Lorry
4. Vacation Holiday
5. Oatmeal Porridge

Example: Differs in spellings

Serial No British English American English
1. Colour Color
2. Maths Math
3. Centre Center
4. Traveller Traveler
5. Honour Honor


  1. Identify the incorrect pair of British English and American English Expression
  1. Bonnet  – Cover
  2. Goods Train – Freight Train
  3. Dust Bin – Trash Can
  4. Chips – French Fries

Answer: a

This type of questions will be expected mostly, whereas you will be in position to identify the incorrect from the options. So, be careful while reading the questions and before shading your answers. It is to twist your mind.

  1. “Puncture” in American English is _________in British English
  1. Flat – Out   b) Blast – Out   c) Blow – Out    d) Crash Out

Answer: c

  1. Which of the following is British English of the word “ Apartment”?
  1. Flat    b) Plot      c) Unit     d) Suite

Answer: a

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