After Application / Admission : MS In Germany

After Application / Admission : MS In Germany

Hello MS Aspirants!!! Hope you all are doing well. So now we are ready with admissions. Are you not sure how to proceed further? Don’t worry we are here to guide you. Read till last to get all details on what to do after your application process.

Note: It is always advisable to apply only for your course of desire. Do not be fooled by the agencies and apply for tens of universities.

Visa: Well after application, plan for the results and apply for visa accordingly. Also keep in mind that you need to have at least 40 to 50 days between visa interview and enrollment in your university.  So it is important to be vigilant and apply for visa interview accordingly. Also prepare all necessary documents at least before a week of your interview. Please follow the consulate website for the visa application fee as it changes per the euro rate.

Blocked account: One major difference between other countries and Germany is blocking or depositing money in your account for your financial needs. An amount of 8640 euro (check consulate website for current rate), need to be deposited and confirmation letter is to be obtained for appearing in visa interview.

You can opt to open an account called blocked account in any of the following banks. Fintiba, Deutsche bank (India or Germany), Kotak Mahindra. You can also open an account through the consulate. But before proceeding with the amount deposit, please do some research about all these banks and opt for one that suits your needs.

Financial aid: The blocked account money deposit is to make sure that students are focused only on their studies during their stay in Germany and not involved in other activities such as job or theft for money. So as a proof you will be asked to show certain documents. Some of them are Loan sanction letter, Parent’s ITR and bank statements, Sponsorship letter and bank statement (if any) etc. Most of the students opt for education loan in which case the loan sanction letter which has enough money to support your stay is enough. For all other documents you need to prepare documents via notary on a stamp paper and produce them during your interview. Please consult with respective consulate or fellow students who belong to your consulate for more details on these documents.

Booking flights: Once you have appeared for visa interview it is a good practice to look for flights and price. Research a bit for the luggage allowance and no of hours of journey offered by each airline and decides which will suit you. Please book a flight immediately after getting visa approval to avoid high flight cost. Do not book a flight on weekends, local holidays in Germany as you will not have any transportation and any other legal assistance there.

Accommodation:  Most of the universities have student dorm but it is very difficult to get one room if you do not apply early. So contact the university admin team and talk to fellow students/seniors to obtain a flat easily. In most of the cases, you will have to stay temporarily for some time before making a permanent contract.

So now you are all set to start your Masters studies now. Cheers. Please ask us if you have any doubts in the process. We will be happy to assist you.

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