Cultural Heritage of Tamil Nadu – Questions With Answers Pdf Download

Cultural Heritage of Tamil Nadu – Questions With Answers Pdf Download

Cultural Heritage of Tamil Nadu – Questions With Answers Pdf Download: History Notes Pdf – Study Materials for Tnpsc & All Competitive exams.

  1. Which is the oldest surviving culture and language?


  1. What is the period of Mamulanar?

4th century

  1. What is the age of Tamil language?

2500 years

  1. Name one ruler who was excellent poet?

Ariyapadai Kadantha Nedunchezhian

  1. What are the places were rulers engaged in wars?

Sinhalese, Kadambas, Yavanas and Ariyas

  1. Name some prominent monarchs of the Sangam age?

Cheran Senguttuvan, Karikala Cholan, Ariyapadaikadantha Neduncheziyan

  1. When Kalabhras did uproot the Tamil Kingdoms?

3rd Century A.D. to 6th Century A.D.

  1. Who established Dravida Sangha at Madurai?

Jain monk Vajranandhi

  1. Who was the popular Kalabhra ruler of Uraiyur?

Achyuta Vikrantha

  1. Who replaced Kalabhras?

Pallavas of Kanchi in North Tamil Nadu and Pandiyas of Madurai in South Tamil Nadu

  1. Name some Pallava rulers?

Simha Vishnu, Mahendravarman I and Narashimavarman I

  1. Who were patrons of Saivism and Vaishnavism?


  1. Who revived Chola power?

Vijayalaya and Aditya Chola

  1. How is political history of Tamil Nadu divided?
  • Sangam age
  • Kalabhra age
  • Age of Tamil Empires
  1. Who were the three crowned monarchs of Tamil Nadu?

Chera, Chola and Pandya

  1. Name some Siva temples built by Chola?

Brahadeeswarar temple, Gangaikondacholapuram and Darasuram

  1. Which led to fall of Chola empire?

Revival of Pandyas at Madurai and the emergence of Hoysalas of Dwarsamudra

  1. How are king`s court called as?

Avai, Naalavai, Manram

  1. How is empire divided?


  1. How are Mandalams divided?


  1. How are Nadus divided?


  1. What is the local bodies called as?

Ur or Urar for villages and Nattar for Nadus

  1. Who were the head of monarchial governments?


  1. How are royal army categorized?

Infantry, Cavalry, War elephant and Chariots

  1. Which age is called as golden age?

The Chola age

  1. Which describes the social conditions of the Sangam Tamils?

Porulathikaram in Tolkappiam

  1. How are Tamil land divided?
  • Kurunji-hill and hilly region
  • Mulai- the Pastoral slopes
  • Marudham-the fertile and cultivable plains
  • Neidal-the coastal or littoral region and
  • Paalai-the desert region
  1. How are population classified?
  • Kuravar or Vedar of Kurinji
  • Idayar or Mullai
  • Uzhavar pf Marudham
  • Minavar or Parathavar of Neidal
  • Kallar of Paalai
  1. How are people classified in royal towns of Marudham region?
  • Arasar – Princes
  • Anthanar – Wisemen
  • Vanikar- traders
  • Vellalar-agriculturists
  • Panar-bards
  • Viraliyar-dancers
  • Kuyavar – potters
  • Umnar-salt merchants
  • Vannar-washermen
  • Weavers and other handicraft men, poets, teachers
  1. What do the Sangam literature include?

Tolkappiam (a grammar work), Ettuthogai, Pathupattu, Pathinen Keezh Kanakku, Silapadhikaram and Manimegalai, Ettutogai, and Pathupattu

  1. Which system received royal recognition during Pallava’s time?

Caste system

  1. Name some major works in literature during Sangam age?

18 minor works, 5 major epics such as Silapadhikaram, Manimekalai, Kundalakesi, Valayapathi and Seevaga Sinthamani and 5 minor epics such as Neelakesi, Sulamani, Udayana Kumara Kaviyam, Yasodhara Kaviyam and Nagakumara Kaviyam epics and grammatical works Pingala Nigandu and Yapperumkalam

  1. Name some Sanskrit works of Pallava period?

Mattavilasaprakasanam, Kirtarjuniyam, Avanti Sundaru Katha and Kavyadarsam

  1. What was the religion practice of Sangam age based on?


  1. Name some popular deities during Sangam age?

Hero stones, Seyon, Mayon, Vendan, Varunan, Valiyon and Kotravai

  1. Which period witnessed Saivaite and Vaishnavite clashes?

The Chola Period

  1. What were the things that were Tamil Siddhars against?

Caste discriminations, temple system, superstitions and rituals

  1. What did the Sangam age drama consist of?

Pann, Aasai and Koothu

  1. What so the Pallava inscription at Kudumianmalai refers to?

Refers to a great musician Rudracharya

  1. What do the Sangam literature refers to?

Enn, Kanakku Nazhigai Yamam Kaatham and Kol

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