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Democracy Book Back Questions 6th Social Science Lesson 23

6th Social Science Lesson 23

23] Democracy

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Do You Know?

Democracy is ‘Government of the people, by the people, for the people’. – Abraham Lincoln.

The birth place of democracy is Greece. Democracy is a term derived from the Greek words “Demos” and “cratia”. ‘Demos’ means the people and ‘Cratia’ means the power or rule.

In a Direct Democracy, only the citizens can make laws. All changes have to be approved by the citizen. The politicians only rule over parliamentary procedure. Switzerland has had a long history of a successful direct democracy.

In 2007, the UNO General Assembly resolved to observe 15th September as the International Day of Democracy.

The world statistical data on democracy declares that 79% of the Indian citizens have faith in the democratic system. Hence, India ranks first among the democratic countries of the world.

Choose the best answers:

1. Early man settles near _____________ and practiced agriculture.

(a) Plains

(b) Bank of rivers

(c) Mountains

(d) Hills

2. The birth place of democracy is ___________

(a) China

(b) America

(c) Greece

(d) Rome

3. ______________ is celebrated as the International Democracy Day.

(a) September

(b) October 15

(c) November 15

(d) December 15

4. Who has the right to work in a direct Democracy?

(a) Men

(b) Women

(c) Representatives

(d) All eligible voters

Fill in the blanks:

1. Direct Democracy is practised in _____________

2. The definition of democracy is defined by ____________

3. People choose their representatives by giving their ______________

4. In our country ___________ democracy is in practice.


Choose the best answers:

1. Bank of rivers 2. Greece 3. September 15 4. All eligible voters

Fill in the blanks:

1. Switzerland 2. Abraham Lincoln 3. Votes 4. Representative

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