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Early Revolts against British Rule in Tamil Nadu Book Back Questions 10th Social Science Lesson 6

10th Social Science Lesson 6

6] Early Revolts against British Rule in Tamil Nadu

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Gopala Nayak, the Palayakkarar of Virupachi: Gopala Nayak spearheaded the famous Dindugal League, which was formed with Lakshmi Nayak of Manaparai and Poojai Nayak of Devadanapatti. He drew inspiration from Tipu Sultan who sent a deputation to show his camaraderie. He led the resistance against the British from Coimbatore and later joined Oomaidurai,Kattabomman’s brother. He put up a fierce at Aanamalai hills where the local peasants gave him full support. But Gopala Nayak was overpowered by the British forces in 1801.

Ondiveeran: Ondiveeran led one of the army units of Puli Thevar. Fighting by the side of Puli Thevar, he caused much damage to the Company’s army. According to oral tradition, in one battle, Ondiveeran’s hand was chopped off and Puli Thevar was saddened. But Ondiveeran said it was a reward for his penetration into enemy’s fort causing many heads to roll.

Kuyili, a faithful friend of Velunachiyar, is said to have led the unit of women soldiers named after Udaiyaal. Udaiyaal was a shepherd girl who was killed for not divulging information on Kuyili. Kuyili is said to have walked into the British arsenal (1780) after setting herself on fire, thus destroying all the ammunition.

Choose the best answers:

1. Who was the first Palayakkarars to resist the East India Company’s policy of territorial aggrandizement?

(a) Marudhu brothers

(b) Puli Thevar

(c) Velunachityar

(d) Veerapandya Kattabomman

2. Who had established close relationship with the three agents of Chanda Sahib?

(a) Velunachiyar

(b) Kattabomman

(c) Puli Thevar

(d) Oomai thurai

3. Where was Sivasubramanianar executed?

(a) Kayathar

(b) Nagalapuram

(c) Virupachi

(d) Panchalamkurichi

4. Who issued the Tiruchirappalli proclamation of Independence?

(a) Marudhu brothers

(b) Puli Thevar

(c) Veerapandya Kattabomman

(d) Gopala Nayak

5. When did the Vellore Revolt breakout?

(a) 24 May 1805

(b) 10 July 1805

(c) 10 July 1806

(d) 10 September 1806

6. Who was the Commander-in-Chief responsible for the new military regulations in Vellore fort?

(a) Col. Fancourt

(b) Major Armstrong

(c) Sir John Cradock

(d) Colonel Agnew

7. Where were the sons of Tipu Sultan sent after the Vellore Revolt?

(a) Calcutta

(b) Mumbai

(c) Delhi

(d) Mysore

Fill in the blanks:

1. The Palayakkarars system was put in place in Tamil Nadu by ______________

2. Velunachiyar and her daughter were under the protection of ___________ for eight years.

3. Bennerman deputed _______________ to convey his message, asking Kattabomman to surrender.

4. Kattabomman was hanged to death at _____________

5. The Rebellion of Marudhu Brothers was categorized in the British records as the _______________

6. ______________ was declared the new Sultan by the rebels in Vellore Fort.

Consider the following the statements and tick the appropriate answer:

1. (i) The Palayakkarars system was in practice in the Kakatiya Kingdom.

(ii) Puli Thevar recaptured Nerkattumseval in 1764 after the death of Khan Sahib.

(iii) Yusuf Khan who was negotiating with the Palayakkarars, without informing the Company administration was charged with treachery and hanged in 1764.

(iv) Ondiveeran led one of the army units of Kattabomman.

(a) i, ii and iv are correct

(b) i, ii and iii are correct

(c) iii and iv are correct

(d) i and iv are correct

2. (i) Under Colonel Campbell, the English Army went along with Mahfuzkhan’s army.

(ii) After Muthu Vadugar’s death in Kalaiyar Kovil battle, Marudhu Brothers assisted Velunachiyar in restoring the throne to her.

(iii) Gopala Nayak spearheaded the famous Dindigul League.

(iv) In May 1799 Cornwallis ordered the advance of Company armies to Tirunelveli.

(a) i and ii are correct

(b) ii and iii are correct

(c) ii, iii and iv are correct

(d) i and iv are correct

3. Assertion (A): Puli Thevar tried to get the support of Hyder Ali and the French.

Reason (R): Hyder Ali could not help Puli Thevar as he was already in a serious conflict with the Marathas.

(a) Both (A) and (R) are correct, but (R) is not the correct explanation of (A)

(b) Both (A) and (R) are wrong

(c) Both (A) and (R) are correct and (R) is the correct explanation of (A)

(d) (A) is wrong and (R) is correct

Match the following:

1. Theerthagiri – Vellore Revolt

2. Gopala Nayak – Ramalinganar

3. Bannerman – Dindigul

4. Suberdar Sheik Adam – Vellore Fort

5. Col. Fancourt – Odanilai


Choose the best answers:

1. Puli Thevar 2. Puli Thevar 3. Nagalapuram 4. Marudhu brothers 5. 10 July 1806 6. Sir John Cradock 7. Calcutta

Fill in the blanks:

1. Viswanatha Nayaka 2. Gopala Nayak 3. Ramalinga Mudaliar 4. Kayathar 5. South Indian Rebellion 6. Fateh Hyder

Consider the statements given below and choose the correct option:

1. (i) , (ii) and (iii) are correct

2. (ii) and (iii) are correct

3. (A) is wrong and (R) is correct

Match the following:

1.Theerthagiri – Odanilai

2.Gopala Nayak – Dindigul

3.Bannerman – Ramalinganar

4.Subedar Sheik Adam – Vellore revolt

5.Col. Fancourt – Vellore fort

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