Fee Payment Methods : MS In Germany

Fee Payment Methods : MS In Germany

Hello everyone!!! In the last article we got to know about various application types and how to apply for courses in different universities and with different application process. Now it is time to learn about payment of fee. Okay!! I understand. You might ask me,” where does the fee come from? You said there is no tuition fee for Germany universities”.

Well. All you are going to pay is the application fee, sometimes the semester contribution for your first semester. We will walk you through the process and read till end for the complete information. Let’s get started.

Application fee:

Some universities do not ask you to pay application fee. But some universities ask to pay the application fee and this type of application is very rare. You will be asked to pay a maximum of 50 euros to the university’s account number. Below are the things you should take care of while making an international payment.

    • Make sure to input the correct IBAN number. Please use IBAN number than the bank account number for correct and fast process.
    • Please get the address of the beneficiary as it is asked when you make an International payment.
    • Please always check for the current euro equivalent of Indian rupees and keep some extra amount in your bank account. The service tax and exchange rate may vary based on the euro rate.

Making a payment for uni-assist application process:

As I have explained in my previous article “Applying for a course”, uni-assist is an organisation which evaluates your application in entry level.  It has a tie-up with universities and passes your application to the University for Final Decision. So you have to pay an application fee for processing your application and other documents. The fee structure is set as follows:

  • For every first application in a semester, you have to pay 75 euros.
  • And from the very next application or VPD (read my article “Applying for a course” for details of VPD), you have to pay 15 euros each.
  • And this 15 euros is valid for that semester only. You have to pay 75 euros for the first application in the next semester.
  • You can make online payment, transfer through bank using A2 form or by using the credit card form. And my suggestion would be to use credit card form as it is fast and the transaction charges are none or nil.

Semester fee:

There are some universities that ask you to transfer the semester contribution for the first semester to the university bank account. And this is asked to confirm that you are joining the university. And they can finalise the students who will be attending the course in the upcoming semester.

So in this case, you can transfer the amount from your Indian bank account or you can also transfer the amount through a friend who stays in Germany.

If your friend is transferring the amount confirm all the details including your application number in the reference field of payment page (it is mandatory to mention your application number to proof your payment) before proceeding with the payment. This transfer is the fastest and you can save the extra charges.

So we have listed all the types of fees you will have to transfer the university or for your application in detail. Read the article few more times if you do not understand any point and make the payment with great care. Until we meet next time Auf wiedersehen.. J

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