Guidelines to get Aadhaar Card for the New Born Babies Within 48 hours

Guidelines to get Aadhaar Card for the New Born Babies Within 48 hours

Unique Identification Authority of India has recently launched a software to provide the Aadhaar card for the new born babies. Now the government have instructed the babies born on hospital have to get the Aadhaar card along with the birth certificate enrolment.Guidelines to get Aadhaar Card for the New Born Babies Within 48 hours is given below.

Aadhaar Card for New Born

Aadhaar card is the 12 digit Unique Identification Number which was issued by the UIAI to provide identity for every citizen of India. Process of apply for this card is simple and its completely free and voluntary. You may apply through online or by visiting the Aadhaar card centre. As the UIDAI have planned to provide the Aadhaar card for the new born babies by integrate it with the registration of birth.

Integrated ROB with Aadhaar Card

Usually civil registration regarding birth and death are sent to the Registrar general of India (RGI). But with the new system of integrating ROB with Aadhaar card for the new born babies, UIDAI can take the source of birth registration data(BRD) from the RGI and generate the Aadhaar card enrolment Number. An UID enrolment number is generated and sent to the mobile number of the parents. The birth registration certificate would also have the UID number along with the registration number.

New Pattern Birth Certificates

As the officials tells that even before the discharge summary provided by the hospital, the birth certificate along with the Aadhaar card will be provided for the new born in the hospital itself through this new system. The scheme is being implemented by the Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC) in coordination with CSC e-Governance Services India Limited under the Ministry of Communication and Information Technology.

Implementation Process

For the first level of process these enrolment kit was provided to the government hospitals and an operator to facilitate registration of birth of infants with Aadhaar enrolment. GHMC and CSC will impart training for the selected staff on Aadhaar enrolment shortly. The hospitals would be provided with Tab based application, one tablet device, fingerprint device and Aadhaar certified resource for enrolment apart from broad band or Wifi connectivity.

Guidelines to get Aadhaar Card for the New Born Babies Within 48 hours
Guidelines to get Aadhaar Card for the New Born Babies Within 48 hours

Biometric Data Update

Adults will take the aadhar card biometric data such as finger Print, Photograph once they apply and for the kids these data are updated in a certain period of Interval. If a Kid took the Aadhaar card in the age of One year, biometric details are not required for them, their card will only linked with their parents Aadhaar card. The data will get updated in 5 years of age and also once again in 15 years of age. Fifteen years of Age details is consider as the last update for the biometric details and these details linked to their Aadhaar Card.

Documents Needed for Kids to Apply

If the Parents with Aadhaar card or applied for the Aadhaar card only can apply for their kids. If they wish to apply then they have to produce documents such as ,

  • Date of Birth Certificate ( mandatory)
  • Identity Proof of Parent
  • Address proof of Parent

In some cases, both parents and the kid are applying at the same time then the parents details will be registered first and enrolment No will be generated to process the Aadhaar card for the child.

Choice of documents

If a parent or kid need to submit documents for the address proof or Identity proof to get the Aadhaar card will have to submit any one of the following document.

Address Proof

Passport, Passport of Spouse, Passport of Parents (for minor), Voter ID Card Driving License, Ration Card Bank statement/ Passbook Credit Card Statement (within 3 months) ,Electricity Bill (within 3 months), Water Bill (within 3 months), Landline Bill(Telephone) (within 3 months), Insurance Policy.

Identity Proof

Passport ,Voter ID Card ,PAN Card ,Driving License

Procedure to Apply Through In Person

Candidates can download the application form from the link provided below.

Fill up the required details and check for the Aadhaar card centre nearby through the direct link provided.

Then check for the documents need to be submitted as POI, POA as the choice of documents is given above.

Then visit the nearest Aadhaar Centre in your town.

They will enrol your biometric details such as your photo, finger-prints and iris scan.

An acknowledgment slip with a temporary Aadhaar enrolment number and the Biometric details taken will be given to you.

Keep this slip safe, as you will require the details while printing the duplicate Aadhaar Card online, anytime in future.

After successful verifying your filled details, you will receive an SMS and/or email notification.

Your Aadhaar number will be printed and sent across via post to your address within few days.

Please Note that the usual processing time for Aadhaar Card is 60 to 90 days and may increase due to verification process.

Indian post is in charge of printing and delivering Aadhaar Cards to the residents and usually takes 3 – 5 weeks to do so.

For any kind of issues arising during verification, corrective actions are taken where ever possible or else a rejection letter is dispatched through post asking the resident to re-enrol.

Steps to Apply through Online

As per the link provided click on the appointment for Aadhaar card enrolment.

From that link you can fix your appointments with the nearest Aadhaar card centre.

Since you have already fixed your appointment, it is not necessary to stand in a long queue. complete the details needed for fixing the appointment and take a receipt of the appointment.

visit the Aadhaar card centre on the provided date and time along with the documents required.

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