IN Call flow with single ACR

INAP with single ACR

  • When we making call, It reaches MSC, Then MSC sends IAM (Initial Address Message) to SWITCH.
  • Switch sends IDP to SCP. This IDP contains A party number, B party number, Serving Location Details.
  • SCP will check A party number, B party number, Serving Location Details and sends initial request to RRBS.
  • Then RRBS will check balance. if A number having sufficient balance , Then RRBS sends initial response to SCP.
  • SCP sends Apply charging request (ACReq) to MSC. ACReq contains First granted time in seconds.
  • Then SCP sends RRBCSM, CIReq, and CONNECT to MSC. Here RRBCSM – Request Report Basic Call State Model contains Detection points DP-(4,5,6,7,9,10). CIReq contains Call elapsed time, call start time and Release cause which are requested from SCP to MSC.
  • Switch sends the Address complete message to MSC. Then MSC sends Answer Message to switch.
  • Switch sends the Event Report BCSM DP7 – (O_Answer) to SCP. Now call is connected, (A party, B parties are connected in call).
  • When anyone party disconnected means, Release is sends from MSC to SWITCH. SWITCH sends ACRep to SCP as Call Active : FALSE. SCP sends terminate request to RRBS.
  • Also SWITCH sends ERBCSM as DP9 – O_Disconnect to SCP.
  • Finally RRBS sends Terminate response to SCP. SCP sends release to SWITCH. SWITCH sends release to MSC.
  • This is the IN Call flow with single ACR.

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