Krishna Pushkaralu Water Online Booking and Purchasing Instructions

Krishna Pushkaralu Water Online Booking and Purchasing Instructions

For those religious aspirants who wish to book the holy water of Krishna Pushkaralu this article will be useful. Keep reading till the end to get clear picture about the holy water and we have also given the instructions to place online order for the holy water

Pushkaram festival at a glance

Pushkaram is a religious function that is been celebrated in India which is been dedicated to Work ship of Rivers. It is celebrated at the shrines along the banks of 12 major rivers in India. it is been taking place in the form of ancestor work ship, spiritual discourses, devotional, music and cultural programs. Actually this function takes place annually once in 12 years along each river. And it is considered that the each river has association with each zodiac sign, and the river for each year’s festival is based on sign Jupiter in at the time. In Telugu speaking states, the Pushkaram is celebrated across rivers such as Godaveri, Krishna, Pranhita and Penna. In Tamil Nadu this Pushkaram is celebrated in Tamarparani River.

Krishna Pushkaralu Festival Details

The Pushkaralu Festival in Andhra Pradesh is going to fall in Krishna River. It is celebrated once in twelve years. And this festival is dedicated to river Krishna. This function is going to be celebrated for 12 days. And the myth of this festival is that all the devotees will take a holy bath in the river which is a belief that by doing so all their sins will be removed and their sole will get purified. As per the Hindu mythology every person must follow this ritual to reach heaven. So this festival is going to massive for all the ritual people. This year the Krishna Pushkaralu festival begins on 12th August 2016 to 23rd August 2016.

Krishna Pushkaralu Water Online Booking and Purchasing Instructions
Krishna Pushkaralu Water Online Booking and Purchasing Instructions


Online Booking for Krishna Pushkaralu Water

As in India we have Hindu religion to be the majority religion. And Hindu people are found in large number across the country. So, it is not possible for all people to visit the function during these days as it will be rush. So for helping these people the Andhra Pradesh government has made this water available in bottle and these bottles if booked will be sent to the postal address. As per the latest information from the Government of Andhra they are expecting nearly a lakh of devotees to visit the river Krishna. So, they have opened up the online service for getting this ritual holy water in bottles. By following simple steps the religious aspirants can book a bottle for themselves.

Procedure for Online booking

The following are the simple procedures that are to be followed for booking a water bottle of Krishna Pushkaralu.

  • Enter the shopping address as in the search engine and the homepage of the shopping address appears on screen.
  • Search for the product code Postal_ProductsPWAK000020, Krishna Jal.
  • After finding the product put the product to the cart.
  • Then click on Buy option.
  • Make the payment.
  • Book your Krishna Pushkaralu Water bottle.


Procedure for ordering Krishna Pushkaralu Water through Postal

In spite of online ordering the government has also planned to give the holy water through Postal Services. Aspirants can visit the nearest post office and get the holy water bottle. Or they can also make booking online and avail the option of speed post to receive the water as early as possible. And it is good to go by the Postal Department as it is more reliable and they will be giving the worth product. This system is useful for those holy religious people who cannot visit the River Krishna on these auspicious days.

Price of Krishna Pushkaralu Water Bottles

  • Online order price for holy water bottle: 75 Rupees.
  • Postal Order price for holy water bottle: 30 Rupees.

Important Dates: Keep in mind and try to place your online order before 5th of August 2016.

Official Website:

Get Blessed With the Holy Krishna Pushkaralu Jal

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