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Migratio Book Back Questions 9th Social Science Lesson 30

9th Social Science Lesson 30

30] Migratio

Book Back Questions with Answer and Do You Know Box Content

Do You Know?

The largest migration corridor in the world in 2010 was Mexico – U.S.A. The Arctic tern has the longest migration distance of any bird in the world.

Choose the best answers:

1. According to the 2011 census, the total population of India was ______________

(a) 121 crore

(b) 221 crore

(c) 102 crore

(d) 100 crore

2. ______________ has recorded the maximum number of emigrants.

(a) Ramanathapuram

(b) Coimbatore

(c) Chennai

(d) Vellore

3. During 2015, ______________ of illiterates were migrants from Tamil Nadu.

(a) 7%

(b) 175%

(c) 23%

(d) 9%

4. The poorer sections of the population migrate ______________

(a) As a survival strategy

(b) To improve their living standards

(c) As a service

(d) To get experience

Fill in the blanks:

1. Migration is enumerated on ____________ and _____________ bases.

2. The mobility of population in rural areas is ______________ than urban areas.

3. In rural India, as per census 2011, _______________ percent of the population are counted as migrants.

4. ____________ is the major reason for female migration.

5. Any migrant stream would consist of _____________ sub streams.

Match the following:

1. Migration policy – Work

2. Female migrants – Low incidence of immigration

3. Chennai – Maximum number of emigration

4. Better off migrants – Marriage

5. Salem – To reduce the volume of migration

6. Male migrants – To improve the living standards


Choose the best answer:

1. 121 crores 2. Chennai 3. 7% 4. As a survival strategy

Fill in the blanks:

1.Place of birth and Place of residence 2. Higher 3. 37% 4. Marriage 5. Heterogeneous

Match the following:

1. To reduce the volume of migration 2. Marriage 3. Maximum number of emigration

4. Low incidence of immigration 5. To improve the living standards

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