1. A and B are partners in a business . A contributes of the capital fo 15 months and B received of the profit .Find for how long B’S money was used.

(a) 6 months

(b) 8 months

(c)10 months

(d)12 months

Answer: (c)


Let B contributor  of the capital for x months.

According to the questions,

1 la 1

1 la 2

X=10 months

2. A starts business with Rs.7000 and after 5 months, B joined as a partner .After a year the profit is divided in the ratio 2:3. The capital of B is,





Answer: (c)


Let the Capital of B is Rs.x

According to the question,

2 2 la 1


2 2 la 2

= Rs.18000

3. In a business partnership among A,B,C and D, the profit is shared as follows3 3 la 1

If the total is Rs.400000,the share of c is,





Answer: (c)



A:B =1:3

B:c= 1:3

C:D= 1:3

A:B:C:D=3 3 la 2


Let the profits of A,B,C,D are x,3x,9x,27x respectively.

Partnership of C =3 3 la 3×400000

3 3 la 4

= Rs.9000

4. A started a business with a capital Rs.100000. 1yr later , B joined him with a start of the business ,the profit earned was Rs.84000.The share of B in the profit exceeded the shares of A by

(a) Rs.10000

(b) Rs.12000

(c) Rs.14000

(d) Rs.15000

Answer: (b)


Ratio of equivalent capitals of A and B for 1 month




Part of profit gained by A=4 4 la 1

Part of profit gained by B=4 4 la 2

Required difference=4 4 la 3×84000

= Rs.12000

5. A,B,C entered into Partnership in a business . A got5 5 la 1of the profit and B and C distributed the remaining profit equally.If C got Rs.400 less than A, the total profit was

(a) Rs. 1600

(b) RS.1200

(c) Rs. 1000

(d) Rs. 800



Let the total profit be Rs.x

A’s Share in Profit=Rs.5 5 la 2

B’s Share in Profit= Rs.5 5 la 4

C’s Share in Profit = Rs.5 5 la 3

According to the question,

5 5 la 5=400

5 5 la 6

X=5 5 la 7= Rs. 1000

6. A began business with Rs. 45000 and was joined afterwards by B with Rs.54000.After how many months did B join if the profits at the end of the year were divided in the ratio 2:1?

(a) 4




Answer: (d)


Let  B remained in Business for x months.

Ratio of equivalent capitals=45000×12:54000×x


6 6 la 1


Clearly B joined after (12-5)=7 months.

7. Anbu,  Madhu, Arul started a business in partnership investing in the ratio of 3:2:5 respectively.At the end of the year , they earned a profit of Rs.45000 which is 15% of their total investment. How much did Madhu invest?

(a) Rs.60000

(b) Rs.180000

(c) Rs.30000

(d) Rs.90000

Answer: (a)


Total investment =7 7 la 1

Anbu: Madhu: Arul=3:2:5

Investment of Madhu=7 7 la 2

8. A began a business with Rs.2250 and was joined afterwards by B with Rs.2700. If the profits at the end of the year were divided in the ratio of 2:1 , after how much time B joined the business?

(a) 5 months

(b) 6 months

(c) 3 months

(d) 7 months

Answer: (d)


Let B remained in the business for x months.

Then ,




Ratio of Profit,

8 8 la 1


8 8 la 2

Clearly B joined after 7 months.

9. Alok,Bhism,Chandra hired a meadow jointly for the whole year. Alok put in 80 buffaloes for 10 months, Bhism 100 buffaloes for 5 months and Chandra 150 buffaloes for 4 months .If Alok paid Rs.320 as rent ,what is the total rent for the meadow?

(a) Rs.380

(b) Rs.1520

(c) Rs.760

(d) Rs.1080



Number of buffaloes put by Alok for 1 month=10×80=800

Number of buffaloes put by Bhisma for 1 month = 5×100=500

Number of buffaloes put by Chandra for 1 month=4×150=600



Sum of Ratios =8+5+6=19

Total rent for the meadow=9 9 la 1= Rs.760

10. Two partners invest Rs.12500 and 8500 respectively in a business .If one Partner gets Rs. 300 more than the other in the profit, what is the total profit?

(a) Rs.1475

(b) Rs.1575

(c) Rs.1675

(d) Rs.1570

Answer: (b)


Ratio in investments =12500:8500=25:17

Sum of Ratios =25+17=42

Difference of Ratio=25-17=8

Total Profit=10 10 la 1= Rs.1575

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