Selecting A Course : MS In Germany

Selecting A Course : MS In Germany

Hello everyone!!! We know how excited you are waiting for this article. In the last article we gave detailed information about educational system in Germany. After deciding the country, it is important to decide the course you want to study. Please read till last for understanding how to select the right course for you.

Multi-disciplinary courses:

Most of the student population that goes for post-graduation is Mechanical engineering followed by Electrical engineering and Civil engineering. But now the trend has changed; especially after the introduction of integrated or multi-disciplinary courses. All the departments have fusion with information technology. So you would need to learn coding in your domain if you want to grow up with the developing technologies.

Choosing the right course:

But this is just a suggestion and it is good to learn a multidisciplinary course as that will open you opportunities in many fields. However choosing the course that you are interested in and you are good at. For example you may be interested in architecture design or production engineering but the courses such as interior design or simulation may be fascinating or more students choose those course or that may yield a better salary.

Select what you are good at:

Now what would be your choice? If it is in India, everyone around you including your parents will suggest to choose for the course that gives more salary or the once that most of the people select. We cannot just select a course study the book and pass it as we do it here.

The number of courses and the variety are huge in Germany. The education system there in Germany requires you to involve yourself in the topics, understand them and become expert.

Type of exams:

Most of the time you will have one of the below types of exams and written test is conducted at least.

  • Oral exam
  • Seminar
  • Presentations
  • Project submission

So it is important that understanding the concepts is a vital point if you successfully want to complete the degree.

Arrear system:

In India the common practice is to study at the last minute and write the exams to the level of passing. Even if we get an arrear we don’t worry much about it and attempt them again. But in Germany, you only have 3 attempts for a subject. If you are not able to pass within the given number of attempts, then you will be expelled out of the course or you have to study the degree again.


In the final semester of all degrees you have to submit a thesis of your project or project idea. There are predefined standards that must be followed for submitting a thesis under Masters degree. Again you cannot get a project thesis from shops and submit them. It must be your own work and plagiarism checks are regularly done. So choosing the degree of your interest and the one you can study is very important.

Course availability:

There are some sites where you can find the courses available. You can go through the course modules and the department before selecting a course. Each and every university has its own website where you can read about the department, research projects, courses available and faculties. So we recommend you to read everything carefully and apply for the courses.

Websites and links:

Please click here for the list of universities and courses available in Germany. German universities and courses 

For getting the correct results we advise you to provide the correct filters such as course start, department/faculty, language of the courses, fees etc.

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