Solve Problems on Syllogism using venn diagram

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Some of them following rules to solve syllogism, others following venn diagram to solve syllogism. But here i am going to explain syllogism with venn diagram. I feel that the rules are difficult to do syllogisms. venn diagram is easy method to solve syllogism.
Syllogism means what?
A syllogism is a kind of logical argument that applies deductive reasoning to arrive at a conclusion based on two or more propositions that are asserted or assumed to be true.
In exams, they will give statements and conclusions. We need to draw venn diagram for statements, that should be 100 percent accurate with statements. Then finally we have to check conclusions on venn diagram one by one.
how can we draw venn diagrams ? 
For every statement we need to draw one venn diagram.  
Every statement has quality and quantity. So quantity wise we can say Universal, Particular. Quality wise we can say positive, negative. There are four types of statements.
(1) Universal Positive – All dogs are animals – UP
(2) Universal Negative – No dogs are animals – UN
(3) Particular Positive –  Some dogs are animals – PP
(4) Particular Negative – Some dogs are not animals – PN
1. All dogs are animals
 all dogs are animals
2. No dogs are animals 
 No dogs are animals
3. Some dogs are animals
 Some dogs are animals
4. Some dogs are not animals
 Some dogs are not animals
Some dogs are not animals 2
Case 1 : If everything is there , you can say something is there, But you cant say something is not there.
Case 2 : If nothing is there, we can say something is not there.
Case 3 : If something is not there, we cant say nothing is there.

Keywords : 
All, Every, 100% = UP
No, None, Not a single, 0% = UN
Atleast, Some, A few, A little, A most of, Many = PP
[Atleast, Some, A few, A little, A most of, Many] + [Not, All NOT, Few, Little] = PN

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