Study MS in Germany : Masters Degree in Germany

Study MS in Germany : Masters Degree in Germany

In the last article we saw why we choosing a post graduate degree in abroad is important than pursuing your higher studies here in India and the advantages & disadvantages of studying here. In this article we will read about studying a Masters’ degree in Germany. Also about the main reasons you should consider Germany as a destination for your post graduate studies.

Germany is a mother of engineering. Each and every year there are so many scientific inventions and researched going on in their educational institutions and research centres. It is land of many well-known scientists. It also has many industries. So studying in such a country will definitely be the best option if you want to do higher studies in engineering.

Well, if we think of higher studies, the first country that will flash in our mind will be US or Canada or even Australia. You may also ask why to go Germany instead of these famous countries. Below I am giving you the reasons:

Tuition fee:

  • You have NO TUITION FEE in Germany. Yes, you read it right. All the universities are run by the Government and state fund. So you can count on the quality and the standard of the education.

Part Time:

  • All you have to take care of is your living expense. You can also do part time jobs to support your studies and other expenses. Though there are standard period set or allowed for working part time.

Flexibility in exams:

  • Also you don’t have to follow the same semester concept for your studies. You have the liberty of choosing the courses and number of exams you want to write for a particular semester.

Types of semesters

  • So you might ask whether you can take less number of exams than the standard number of subjects taught in a semester.

Yes. You can take even one or two subjects for a semester. But don’t worry, you don’t need to complete the remaining subjects in the next semester and burden yourself. There are two types of semesters offered.

In some universities a course is offered in only one semester. There are some courses that are offered in both the semesters. However there is a similarity between them.

A particular subject will be available only in the mentioned semester. So if you miss it, you can have the option of attending the classes again in the next year. However if you attend the classes and decided not to write the exams then you can write the exams in any semester. (Check the university website for their specific exams rules)

Practical knowledge:

    • The courses are more practical oriented. Most of the universities have tie-up with the industries and research institutes. This allows you learn the cutting edge technologies. Also to improve and be aware of the skills those are needed for working in real time industries.
    • You have to attend internship and this is mandatory. Unlike the usual colleges we have seen where project is suffice for completing the degree, in Germany you have to submit a Thesis paper under the supervision of a professor.

I don’t have to say about the rules and regularities of German, they are known for it. So you cannot just get a readymade project for shop and submit for evaluation. This makes sure you learn your course with full understanding. Therefore I would like to conclude this article by suggesting that studying Masters in Germany would be the best option if you want to fulfil your ravage for the knowledge and skills.

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