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The World Between Two World Wars Book Back Questions 10th Social Science Lesson 2

10th Social Science Lesson 2

2] The World Between Two World Wars

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Do You Know?

Gold Standard is a monetary system where a country’s currency or paper money carried a value directly linked to gold.

Fascism: It is a form of radical authoritarian ultra-nationalism, characterised by dictatorial power, forcible suppression of opposition and strong regimentation of society and of the economy, which came to prominence in early 20th – century Europe.

Social Democratic Party was founded as the General German Workers Association on 23 May 1863 in Leipzig. Founder was Ferdinand Lassalle. German elites of the late 19th century considered the very existence of a socialist party a threat to the security and stability of the newly unified Reich, and so Bismark outlawed this party from 1878 to 1890. However, in 1945, with the fall of Hitler, the Social Democratic Party was revived. It was the only surviving party from the Weimar period with a record of opposition to Hitler.

Decolonisation is a process through which colonial powers transferred institutional and legal control over their colonies to the indigenous nationalist governments.

Ho Chi Minh (1890 – 1969) was born in Tongking. When Ho Chi Minh was twenty one, he went to Europe. After working as a cook in a London hotel, he went to Paris. In the Paris peace conference, he lobbied for the independence for Vietnam. His articles in newspapers and especially the pamphlet, French Colonialism on Trial, made him well known as a Vietnam nationalist. In 1921 he became a founder-member of the French Communist party. Two years later he went to Moscow and learnt revolutionary techniques then. In 1925, he founded the Revolutionary Youth Movement.

The descendents of original Dutch settlers of South Africa, also known as Afrikaners, were called Boers. Their language is Afrikaans.

Apartheid in South Africa: Apartheid, which means separateness, became the racial policy of the Nationalist Party in 1947. From 1950 onwards a series of laws came to be enforced. The whole country was divided into separate areas for the different races. Marriage between white and non-white was forbidden. Nearly all schools were brought under government control so that education different from that the Whites could be implemented for Africans. University education was also segregated. Apartheid is based on the belief that the political equality of White and Black in South Africa would mean Black rule. The ANC which fought the practice of racism was banned and its leader Nelson Mandela was put behind bars. Mounting pressure at the global level helped to end the racist regime in South Africa. In 1990 the ban on ANC was lifted and Mandela freed after 27 years. In the elections held subsequently the Africans were allowed to vote and ANC won the election and Mandela became the first black president of South Africa. Even though apartheid was dismantled the Whites completely dominate the economic sphere.

Dollar Imperialism: The term used to describe the policy of the USA in maintaining and dominating over distant lands through economic aid.

Choose the best answers:

1. With whom of the following was the Lateran Treaty signed by Italy?

(a) Germany

(b) Russia

(c) Pope

(d) Spain

2. With whose conquest did the Mexican civilization collapse?

(a) Hernan Cortes

(b) Francisco Pizarro

(c) Toussaint Louverture

(d) Pedro I

3. Who made Peru as part of their dominions?

(a) English

(b) Spaniards

(c) Russians

(d) French

4. Which President of the USA pursued “Good Neighbour” policy towards Latin America?

(a) Roosevelt

(b) Truman

(c) Woodrow Wilson

(d) Eisenhower

5. Which part of the world disliked dollar imperialism?

(a) Europe

(b) Latin America

(c) India

(d) China

Fill in the blanks:

1. The founder of the Social Democratic Party was ______________

2. The Nazi Party’s propaganda was led by ______________

3. The Vietnam Nationalist Party was formed in _____________

4. The Secret State Police in Nazi Germany was known as _______________

5. The Union of South Africa came into being in May _______________

6. The ANC leader Nelson Mandela was put behind the bars for ______________ years.

7. Boers were also known as ____________

Consider the following the statements and tick the appropriate answer:

1. i) During World War I the primary task of Italy was to keep the Austrians occupied on the Southern Front.

ii) Germany took to Fascism much later than Italy.

iii) The first huge market crash in the US occurred on 24 October 1929.

iv) The ban on African National Congress was lifted in 1966.

(a) i and ii are correct

(b) iii is correct

(c) iii and iv are correct

(d) i, ii and iii are correct

2. Assertion: A new wave of economic nationalism which expressed itself in protectionism affected the world trade.

Reason: This was because the USA was not willing to provide economic aid to the debtor countries.

(a) Both A and R are correct

(b) A is right but R is not the correct explanation

(c) Both A and R are wrong

(d) R is right but it has no relevance to A

3. Assertion: The Berlin Colonial Conference of 1884-85 had resolved that Africa should be divided into spheres of influence of various colonial powers.

Reason: The war between the British and Boers in South Africa, however, was in defiance of this resolution.

(a) Both A and R are correct

(b) A is right but R is not the correct explanation

(c) Both A and R are wrong

(d) R is right but it has no relevance to A

Match the following:

1. Transvaal – Germany

2. Tongking – Hitler

3. Hindenburg – Italy

4. Third Reich – Gold

5. Matteotti – Guerilla activities


Choose the best answers:

1. Pope 2. Hernan Cortes 3. Spaniards 4. Roosevelt 5. Latin America

Fill in the blanks:

1. Ferdinand Lassalle 2. Josef Goebbeels 3. 1927 4. Gestapo 5. 1910 6. 27 7. Afrikaners

Consider the statements given below and choose the correct option:

1. i) , ii) and iii) are correct 2. R is right but it has no relevance to A

3. A is right but R is not the right reason

Match the following:

1.Transvaal – Gold

2.Tongking – Guerilla activities

3.Hindenburg – Germany

4.Third Reich – Hitler

5.Matteotti – Italy

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