Time and Distance

1. How many minutes will be used to cover distance of 520m, if a man running at the speed of 15km/hr?

(a) 125 sec

(b) 124 sec

(c) 114 sec

(d) 115 sec

Answer: (a)


Distance = time × speed

= 125 sec.

2. Which of the following is the fastest?

(a) 25 m/s

(b) 1500 m/min

(c) 90km/hr

(d) None of these

Answer: (d)


25 m/s= 25× 60 m/min =1500 m/min (b)

So, (a), (b), (c) are equal.

3. A car moves from ‘A’ to ‘B’ and ‘B’ to ‘A’ in two different speeds of 40, 60 km/hr respectively. Then find final average speed during the journey?

(a) 40 km/hr

(b) 48 km/hr

(c) 56 km/hr

(d) 46km/hr

Answer: (b)


(for equal distance)

4. If I walk 4km/hr, I miss bus by 5 minutes. If I walk 6km/hr, I reach before 8 minutes than bus. How do I walk to reach the station?

(a) 1. 6km

(b) 2. 6km

(c) 1. 7 km

(d) 2. 7 km

Answer: (b)


Here distance travelled is same.

Relative time = 5-(-8) = 13 minutes.

60(6d-4d) =13(24)


5. If two students starting from same point, walking in the opposite directions with 6km/hr and 9km/hr as average speeds respectively. Then the distance between them after 4 hours is?

(a) 65 km

(b) 55km

(c) 15km

(d) 60km

Answer: (d)


Total distance = Distance travelled by person A+ Distance travelled by person B

= (6× 4) + (9× 4)

= 24+ 36

= 60 Km

6. Walking at three-fourth of his usual speed, a man covers a certain distance in two hours more than the time he takes to cover the distance at his usual speed. The time taken by him to cover the distance with his usual speed is:

(a) 4. 5 h

(b) 5. 5 h

(c) 6 h

(d) 5 h

Answer: (c)


New speed = 3/4  of usual speed

New time = old time (T) +2

3(T+2) = 4T

3T+6 = 4T

T = 6 hours

7. Find the diameter of a wheel that makes 113 revolutions to go 2 km 26 decameters (take ?=22/7).





Answer: (b)


One revolution of the wheel is circumference of the wheel.

(113)2∏r = 2260 meter

8. Two cars A and B are running towards each other from two different places 88 km apart. If the ratio of the speeds of the cars A and B is respectively 5:6 and the speed of the car B is 90 km/h, at what time will the two meet each other? [Bank 2001]

(a) 28 min

(b) 32 min

(c) 24 min

(d) 36 min

Answer: (b)


Speed of B = 6x = 90


Speed of A =5x

= 5× 15=75 km/h

A and B together cover a distance of (75+90) km in 1 h,

i.e., 165 km in 1 h or 60 min

9. A can go round a circular path 8 times in 40 minutes. If the diameter of the circle is increased to 10 times original diameter, the time required by A to go round the new path once, travelling at the same speed as before is:[SSC 2000]

(a) 25 min

(b) 20 min

(c) 50 min

(d) 100 min

Answer: (c)


Time taken in completing 1 round = 5 min.

As the diameter becomes 10 times, so the circumference also becomes 10 times.

Time taken in completing 1 round = 5 × 10 = 50 min.

10.Find the distance covered by a car moving at 9 m/s for 2 hours 15 minutes?

(a) 29. 7 km

(b) 72km

(c)  72. 9km

(d) 92. 7 km

Answer: (c)


Distance covered by car= speed × time

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