Tnpsc GE Match authors poet, stories and autobiography

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The Next topic to focus is “Match the Poems with the poets”, “Author’s Nationality”, Match authors with their short stories and also know popular auto-biography. In thus section, you will be questioned from authors and their literary works.

TNPSC GE – Match Poems with Poets

From the above title, it is understood that, the candidates must match the poems with their poets and also you must match authors with their short stories. Before that, we have listed some poets with their respective poems.

Know Poets and their Poem

  1. A Psalm of Life – H.W.Longfellow
  2. Solitary Reaper – William wordsworth
  3. Sonnet No.116 – William Shakespeare
  4. The Apology – Ralph Waldo Emerson
  5. Migrant Bird – Famida Y. Basheer
  6. A Tiger in the zoo – Leslie Norris
  7. Keep on keeping on – Hope spencer
  8. Going for water – Robert Frost
  9. Be the Best – Douglas Malloch
  10. Snake – D.H.Lawrence


  1. Match the Poems with the poets
  1. Earth            1) D.H.Lawrence
  2. Snake          2) H.W.Longfellow
  3. A Psalm of Life 3) Khalil Gibran
  4. Be glad your nose

Is on your face 4) Jack Prelutsky

  •     2)        3)      4)
  1. 3           1        2        4
  2. 1           3        4         2
  3. 2           3         1         4  
  4. 4           3         2          1

Answer: A

  1. Which of the following poem is written by David Roth?
  1. Be Glad your Nose is on your face
  2. Nine Gold Medals
  3. Manliness
  4. Is Life but a dream?

Answer: B

TNPSC GE Study Materials – Match the authors with their short stories

Short stories means the questions will be taken from supplementary section.

List of authors and their stories

  1. The Selfish Giant – Oscar Wilde
  2. Holiday – Rabindranath Tagore
  3. Two Friends  – Guy de Maupassant
  4. A close Encounter – Rex Coker
  5. The Piano lesson – Rob Reilly
  6. Yaanai Malai – Manohar Devadoss
  7. Ranji’s wonderful bat – Ruskin Bond
  8. After the storm – Deepa Agarwal
  9. Every Living thing – James Herriot
  10. Open Window – Saki


  1. Match the following

Stories                Character

  1. Two friends 1. Mr. Nuttel
  2. The Open Window          2. Colonel Dumoulin
  3. The Last Leaf           3. Ivan Dmitritch
  4. The Lottery Ticket    4. Behrman
  •  b)     c)    d)
  1. 2        3     4      1
  2. 2         1      4      3
  3. 2        1       3       4
  4. 2        3        1       4

Answer: B

  1. In which of the following does Ivan Dmitritch appear?
  1.  The Selfish Giant    b)  The last Leaf    c) The Lottery ticket   d)   The Open window.

Answer: D

  1. Identify the work which is not written by Oscar Wilde?
  1. The Selfish Giant    b) The Happy Prince     c) The Importance of being earnest    d) Snake

Answer: D

Author’s Nationality

Aspirants must be aware of all poet’s or author name, person and their nationality.

For example:

  1. Kalpana Chawla Born on?  

Answer: 1st July 1961

  1. William Shakespeare’s period ?

Answer : 1564 – 1616

  1. Kalpana Chawla’s born place?

Answer: Karnal, Harayana

You will get 1 question from the section. So read all concepts carefully including their work and title.


  1. Walt Whitman – USA, Long Island
  2. H.W.Long Fellow – American Poet
  3. Thomas Hardy  – British Poet
  4. Khalil Gibran – Lebanon
  5. Edgar Albert Guest – British American Poet


    1. What is the Nationality of Robert Frost?
  1. British
  2. Canadian
  3. American
  4. French

Answer: C

  1. Many of Pearl S Buck’s books have _________background.
  1. American
  2. Chinese
  3. Scottish
  4. Burmese

Answer: B

  1. What is the period of Walt Whitman?
  1. 1836-1907    b) 1819-1892     c) 1878-1967     d) 1770-1850

Answer: B

Auto- Biography

You may get 1 question from famous personality’s auto-biography. You will find few hints in Samacheer  books. For this section, you need to browse from internet of all famous personalities whose chapters are as a part in samacheer books. We would like to give some auto biography here for your reference.


  1. Glimpse of World History  – Jawaharlal Nehru
  2. The Short Story “ The Guide” – R.K. Narayanan.
  3. The Story of my life  – Helen Keller
  4. ‘I Dare. It’s always possible’ – Kiran Bedi
  5. Wings of Fire – APJ Abdul Kalam


What is the Auto-Biography of Famous Cricket player “ Sachin Tendulkar”?

Guess the answer by yourself.

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