Tnpsc General English Prefix and Suffix study material Notes

Tnpsc General English Prefix and Suffix study material Notes

Dear Aspirants,

The announcement of TNPSC Group 4 exam had made aspirants to spend time on studying the TNPSC syllabus. In our previous article, we have discussed about synonyms, antonyms and figure of speech separately. In such a way, we would like to discuss about Prefix, Suffix and Article al together. The candidates need to go through all grammar part of General English.

Knowing the correct concepts in Grammar only will help to score good marks. The Samacheer books of Std 6 to 9 had described well about basic Grammar concepts. If you are Zero in Grammar means, first go through the books from std 6 to 9. Instead of search for TNPSC GE study material, read our article to get useful information at your hand-set screen. The Explanation is very simple and understandable. In continuation, now we would like to discuss about Prefix and Suffix. For Tnpsc General English Prefix and Suffix study material Notes, visit

Tnpsc General English Prefix and Suffix study material Notes
Tnpsc General English Prefix and Suffix study material Notes

What is Prefix?

It means something has to be fixed before the meaning or meaningless words to make it as “complete meaning”. It is better to know the meaning of prefix word before using it.

Meanings of Prefix word are follows,

  1. Pre – Before
  2. Un – Not, against
  3. Contra – Against
  4. Counter – opposite
  5. Fore – Before
  6. Dia – Passing through or across
  7. Pan – Pertaining to all
  8. Less – To a smaller extent

Examples for Prefix are follows,

  1. Cycle : Bi-Cycle

Here Prefix is “Bi”. It means Cycle with 2 wheels

  1. Work: Hard-work

Here prefix “hard”. It forms adjective. It means working hard.

  1. Reliable : Un-reliable
  2. Kind: Un-kind
  3. Biography: auto-biography
  4. Meter: dia-meter
  5. Thinking: Over-thinking
  6. Phone: Tele-Phone
  7. Impose: Super-impose
  8. Conductor: Semi-Conductor

Questions will be asked in following types

  1. Select the word with the correct prefix
  1. Illegible   b) Illtechno     c) Illmarine    d) Illviolence

Answer: a

  1. Match the correct Prefix
  1. In – Possible
  2. Post – Pod
  3. Tri – Complete
  4. Im – Modem

Answer: 4 3 1 2

  1. Fix the correct Prefix for the word: ‘Grade’
  1. Un   b) less     c) de     d) super

Answer: c

Be aware of “un, less, ful, in, -a-“terms before using, because it may create confusion due to lack of knowledge. So it’s good to know the exact meaning before usage. Now, it’s time to check on Suffix.

What is Suffix?

It means something has to be fixed at last of a word to give meaningful word.


  1. Incred – Incredible

Here suffix is ‘ ible’ . It means “ability or worth”

  1. Depend – dependent

Here Suffix is ent” .It means “Indicating”

  1. Terror – Terrorism
  2. Neighbour – Neighbourhood
  3. Diction – Dictionary
  4. Fore – Forenoon
  5. Slave – Slavery
  6. Prefer – Preferable
  7. Awe – Aweful
  8. Impress – Impression

The question will be asked as such as Prefix types which were given above.

Meanings of Some Suffix:

    1. – Let : Indicates smallness . Example: Booklet
  • –ile : Express capability.  Example: Fragile
  • – ette: To refuse something small and tiny. Example: Kitchenette
  1. –ly: Changing adjective into adverb. Example: Slowly.

Here adjective is slow and adverb is adding ‘ly’

  • –ise: Used to indicate quality, condition or function. Example: Verbalise.


  1. Write Suffix for “involve”
  1. Ed    b)  less    c) ly    d) ment

Answer: d

  1. Select the word with correct suffix.
  1. Bookful     b) Playful    c) roomful     d) hallful

Answer: b

  1. Select the word with correct suffix
  1. Heal   b) soal   c) nominal   d) seal

Answer: c


What is article?

The article are “a, an, the” should be used in appropriate blank in the sentence. The article “an” is used before a word with vowels (a, e, i, o, u).

Article “The”:

  • Article ‘The’ usually point out some particular few countries includes “the”.


The United Kingdom

The Irish republic

The Ukraine

The Netherland

  • ‘The” is used in certain unique things such as
  1. The Sky
  2. The Sun
  3. The Ocean
  4. The Sea
  5. The Earth
  • Before Proper noun – Article ‘the’ is used.

      The Great Caesar

      The Immortal Shakespeare

  • “the” article is used before adjective.

       The Poor are always with us

        Here Poor is adjective. So ‘the’ article is used.

No Article

  • The article is omitted before substance names and abstract noun which are uncountable such as

Example: Ram, India, Tamil

  • It is also omitted before language.

Example: English

  • It is omitted before names of relations

Example: Father, Mother, Aunt, Etc

Article “a”

A word begins with consonant sound yu and w’, where article ‘a’ is used.

Example: a yard, a horse, a university, a union, a European and a unicorn.


  1. He gave _______ one – rupee coin.
  1. No article   b)  the   c) a    d)  an

Answer: c. Because, one – rupee coin is singular. So article ‘a’ is used.

  1. He finished the work ________ hour ago.
  1. A   b) no article     c) the     d) an

Answer: d. because h is silent and starts with vowels letter o.

  1. Radium was discovered by _________women scientist.
  1. a   b)    an   c) the    d) no article

Answer: a. Here the consonant is ‘w’.

  1. Mohan and his mother went to ________________ to meet their relatives
  1.  A    b)   an    c)   the    d) no article

Answer: Guess it ☺

  1. Rahim met ___________ boy in the street.
  1. a     b)  the    c) no article    d) an

Answer: a. same singular is used.

For more details and updates about TNPSC, stay with us. We will come up with another topic on TNPSC General English. You can also subscribe with us. If you have any doubts, please do comment below in given box. All the best for your upcoming examination.


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