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With continuity of TNPSC General English Article, we are here to discuss about grammar part which deals with exact explanation on preposition, question tag, correct tense and sentence pattern. Shall we check on preposition as first?

What is Preposition?

A Preposition is a word placed before a noun or a pronoun.

Types of Preposition

Simple: At, by, for, from, in, of, off, on, out, through, till, to, up and with.

Compound: About, against, as, at, above,across,along,amidst,among,after,amongst,around,by,before,behind,below,beneath,beside,between,beyond,inside,underneath,within,without,during,except,for,from,in,into,like,near,on,over,part,since,upon &unlike, Etc.

Phrase Preposition:

Groups of words used with the force of a single preposition.

Example: according to, in accordance with, in place of, in addition to, in reference to.

Example Questions

  1. Leave your books on the table at the centre of the room.
  2. Wait there until I come.
  3. Behind the cupboard, there is a narrow gap.
  4. There is not enough space between the desk and the bench.
  5. Unroll them and hang them on the walls of the room.


  1. The Book comprises ______________ seven lessons.
  1.  Of     b) No preposition   c) for    d) in

Check your answer: b.

  1. The cat hid____________the door.
  1. Below   b)  behind    c) under    d) into

Check your answer: b

  1. Many wanted to be ___________him.
  1. Near    b) over     c) before     d) like

Check your answer: d

  1. Let’s meet _______ noon.
  1.  Around    b) in place of      c) before     d) between

Check your answer: c. Here before is preposition. Noon is its object .

  1. Which of the following option is correct with preposition
  1. Do as I ask    b) Does as I ask      c) Do I ask      d) Did I ask.

Check your answer: a.

Question Tag

What is Question tag?

Question tags are the short question that we use at the end of sentences.

Points to remember

    • If the main part of the sentence is positive, then the question tag will be negative and vice versa.


  • Wherever ‘I am” is used, you need to use aren’t I?


Example 1:

  1. It is very hot today, isn’t it?
  2. Are you John, Aren’t you?
  3. She cannot play, can she?

Here the statement is negative, so the question tag is positive with auxiliary  + subject.

  1. Nitin does not work hard, does he?

Here you can see pronoun used at the end of each sentence. Here “Pronoun” are you, she, he & it.

Example 2:

    1. I am fine, aren’t I?


  • Open the door for me, will you?  – It is imperative question tag.


  1. Wait for sometime, can you?

Example 3:

If no auxillary verb in sentence, then use “do” in question tag.

  1. You like red wine, don’t you?
  2. You don’t speak Japanese, do you?

Here auxiliary verb is not used, so ‘do’ and ‘don’t’ is used.


  1. They have gone abroad __________.
  1. Have they?    b) had they?   c) haven’t they?    d) had’nt they?

Answer:  c

  1. I’m not late _______?
  1. Are I    b) Am I     c)  Am Not    d) Isn’t you

Answer: b

  1. Nobody came to your party, ______
  1. Does they?   b) don’t they?    c) did they?     d) didn’t they?

Answer: c

  1. Don’t forget, _______
  1. Would you?    b) Won’t you?    c) do you?   d) will you?

Answer: d

  1. Somebody has come to meet you, _________
  1. Have they    b) has they    c) haven’t they     d) do they

Answer: c

Correct Tense

In this portion, the question will be asked to select the correct tense. These are 3 types of tenses such as Present tense, Past tense and Future tense. Each tense will be classified into 4 types. The candidates need to learn & understand all these terms with interest. Because this will be difficult, if you don’t know the rule of all these tenses.


  1. I wake up early in the morning – Simple Present tense
  2. It was getting darker – Past continuous tense
  3. He has been ill since last week – Present Perfect tense
  4. I shall be twenty tomorrow – Future tense
  5. At that time he had been writing a novel for two months – Past Perfect continuous tense.


  1. Choose the correct alternative from the option given below.

He used to visit us every week, but ________now.

  1. Rarely comes    b) was rarely coming   c)  has rarely come     d) had rarely come

Answer: a

  1. Fill out the blank with the suitable option given below

I went there _____________

  1. To examine personally the situation
  2. To examine the situation personally
  3. Personally examining the situation
  4. Examining personally the situation

Answer: b

  1. I _____________all the tourist spots in Tamil Nadu.
  1. Had visited    b) visited    c) have visited     d) has visited

Answer: c

  1. He ________(read) the newspaper.
  1. Was reading  b) has been reading    c) must read    d) is reading

Answer: d

  1. It ______________raining heavily since last night.
  1. Has been    b) have been    c) shall been    d) could be

Answer: a

Sentence Pattern

The Sentence Pattern is nothing but identifying subject(S), Verb(V), Complement(C), Direct Object(DO), Indirect Object(IO), Object(O) and Adjunct(A) in a sentence.


Subject(S): The Person who does the action in the sentence.

Verb(V): Action done by the subject

Complement(C): It completes the meaning of a word or phrase.

Object(O): The word which receive the action from the subject.

Adjunct(A): Word which provides answers to the subject. ( How?, When?, Why? Or Where?)

  1. My Uncle gave a present.

Here “DO” is Present

  1. My Uncle gave me a Present.

Here “IO” is me


  1. She went home.

S         V          A

  1. He Became the leader.

S          V                 C

  1. My uncle gave a present.

S                   V            DO


  1. Ram studies well.

S          V            C


  1. Reading made him a complete man.

S                  V      O           C


  1. Choose the correct sentence pattern

His father gave him his school bag.

  1. SVO   b) SVOC    c) SVIODO     d) SVA

Answer: C

  1. He was going to school
  1. SVA   b) SVO    c) SVC   d)SV

Answer: A

  1. Mr.Raj is a teacher
  1. SVA    b) SVO     c) SVC   d) SV

Answer: C

  1. Brutus is an honourable man.
  1. SVC   b) SVO    c) SVIO    d) SVDO

Answer: A

  1. The Committee appointed him the chair person on Friday.
  1. SVIODOA    b) SVCA     c) SVOCA   d) SVIODOC

Answer: C

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