Tnpsc general english Synonyms Antonyms Questions with Explanation

Tnpsc general english Synonyms Antonyms Questions with Explanation

Dear Aspirants,

Hope you all bit busy in making preparation for Group 4 Exam, which is going to be held on 6th November 2916. Yet 50 days are more to face the exam. We have already given detailed syllabus of TNPSC Group 4 Exam. The TNPSC Group 4 question paper has 2 sections such as General English and General studies. The General English section has equal weightage as General studies. The General English question will be only taken inside the book of Samacheer standard. But few people feel difficult in General English preparation. When compared to General Tamil syllabus, the General English syllabus is quite easy. Due to lack of proper knowledge in English, we people refuse to take a challenge. To overcome these difficulties, we would like to share few tips and way to cover the full syllabus as per pattern. We also planned to go one by one from now onward. Part A of GE covers Basic Grammar and Part B covers Literature. This article deals with GE – Synonyms and Antonyms & Match the phrase and word with their meanings.

Tnpsc general english Synonyms Antonyms Questions with Explanation

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What is Phrase? – It is nothing but group of word, which make sense. But it is incomplete.

Example:  It was a sunset of great beauty.

What is Synonyms?  – Meaning of a word.

What is Antonyms? – Opposite meaning of a word.

The question paper will be multiple choice questions with four options. Let’s discuss the type of questions. Mostly they won’t ask any direct questions on synonyms and antonyms like as follows below,

Choose the best synonyms for the word – ‘Private

  1. Public  b) Open   c) Personal   d) Sociable

Ans: Personal

Type: 1

Instead of the above question, they will ask as follows which is given below,

Do not tell him all my private affairs

  1. Public  b) Open  c) Personal   d) Sociable

Type: 2

Match the sentences in column A with the meaning of discharge in column B

S.No Phrase Synonyms
1 She discharges her responsibilities flow
2 The river discharge into the Bay of Bengal Perform duties
3 The rifles was discharged accidentally Secretion
Fired Unintentionally

Answer:  2, 1, 4

Type: 3

Match It:

  1. Give up  – Yield
  2. Give in    – Return
  3. Get Back – Abandon an attempt to do something

Try this question and give answers by yourself.

Type: 4

Select the word for correct idioms given below,

Follow something up

  1. Dedication     b) Withdraw   c) Pursue   d) Demand

Answer: Pursue

One more type is giving questions in fill in the blanks format. Got cleared about all types of questionnaire in synonyms? Come, now let’s discuss about Antonyms

Type: 1

Fill in the blanks with the suitable Antonyms of the word bolded.

The settings were impressive, but the performance of the artists was ______________.

  1. Irreverence   b) Discouraged   c) Dethroned   d) Unimpressive

Answer: Unimpressive

Type: 2

Match the correct answer

  1. Inability  – Common
  2. Piteous – ability
  3. Rare –  Indifferently
  4.             – Joyous

Answers:  2, 4, 1.

So aspirants, this is how the questions will be asked in case of synonyms and Antonyms in TNPSC General English.

How to make preparation for Synonyms and Antonyms

It’s simple to study synonyms and Antonyms from Samacheer Books. The Synonyms of a word will be Bolded in between lines of all chapters. The aspirants are asked to study boxed synonyms at the side of each prose, poem and supplementary page. At last, you need to focus on vocabulary part which is available at the back of each chapter. Read with absolute interest to get good marks. We assure that, the aspirant can get 98 questions correct out of 100 questions by reading each and every line of 6th to 12th standard Samacheer book. So Be Positive to get involved in this Grammar part of General English. Thanks for reading this article. Hope it is more useful for beginners. Please do subscription with our by giving your email address in the appropriate box at our site.

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