Tnpsc Group 1 Exam Date Released – 03.01.2021

Tnpsc Group 1 Exam Date Released – 03.01.2021

Good News for Tnpsc Candidates, Tnpsc Group 1 Exam Date Released – 03.01.2021. Tnpsc has Today officially Announced this news.

Group 1 Exam Date: 03.01.2021

Group 1 Notification

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About Tnpsc:

Tamilnadu public service commission is shortly abbreviated as TNPSC. It is a constitutional body brought up the governance in order to personally and specifically make recruitments in an advisory and corruption less manner.

History Of Tnpsc:

In the earlier period while the British were ruling, they came with an idea of setting up an organization or a body that duly works on public sector. By the idea of which they started Public service commission in the year 1923. It comprised of four Englishmen and four Indians. Lord lee of fareham was the chairman of this body. They developed this with the process of making a complete salary structure for the public service workers. They ensured that within 15 years in the Indian commission it will be fifty percentage of Indian membership and whereas for the Indian police to attain this it will be 25 years.

As sooner or later, some of the discretive powers where given to the state provinces. This as a initiative one, Madras and Punjab decided to make their own public service commission. That gave birth to MADRAS PUBLIC SERVICE COMMISSION by the Madras legislative act in 1957.It is the first provincial public service commission in India. This public service commission was started with three members including chairman. Public service commission works in constitutional basis from article 316 to article 319 in constitution of India.

This public service commission works on the recruitment and exercising the duties of the public service workers. This Madras public service commission turns out to be renamed as TAMILNADU PUBLIC SERVICE COMMISSION (TNPSC) in 1970.


The Tamilnadu public service commission works on the structure of 15 members in the core. This 15 members represent one chairman and fourteen members. All these 15 members are appointed by the governor with fair and strict guidelines. It includes also 400 members in the next category.

The main three roles are the chairman, secretary and controller of the examination. In 2011,the TNPSC members were brought under the state vigilance commission, directorate of vigilance and anti-corruption. The secretary are categorized as joint secretary, deputy secretary, under secretary.

PRESENT CHAIRMAN : Ka.Balachandaran (IAS)



Duties Of Tnpsc:

TNPSC aims in the efficient and authorized manner of recruiting the members on to board for public servicing and also in parallel works for the betterment of public workers. It provides a fair and free platform for the personnel’s path to attain in to the motive of public services and duty.

The aim of secretary is to make proper and definite decisions regarding the public service commission. He is also responsible for the day to day activities taking place in and out the sectorial part. The functions of a controller is to make the complete examination process in an orderly manner. It starts with notifying the job vacancies in a required sector, making online application forms, releasing the exam hall ticket, and ends in announcing the result.

Powers Of Tnpsc:

1. RULES AND REGULATIONS: They have their right to frame or modify any set of rules that are to be followed in and during recruitment. They can make the change of regulation regarding public service commission.

2. CONCURRENCE: This defines the responsibility of the temporary services of junior assistant, takes in charge of seniority factors, transfer of public sector workers from one department to other department.

3. DISCIPLINARY ACTIONS: It has the right to undertake any disciplinary action against anyone who do malpractice in examinations and the personnel/authority to be debarred from writing exams or expelled for certain period of years in writing exams. These actions are to be monitored by CCTV and the invigilators who are in charge of it.

4. DEPARTMENTAL TEST: They handle departmental test in each sectors of departments for the public workers who are already in charge of the same department.

5. DEPARTMENTAL PROMOTION: The commission can consult in the decisions such as transfer, promotion and appointment based on the suitability of candidates.

Exam Fields In Tnpsc:

TNPSC conducts exams in various department and sectors undertaken by public service. They follow a structural syllabus and mark allocation depending on the sector the future administrators are going to serve.

Here follows the fields in which TNPSC conducts exams:-

  • Group 1, Group 2,Group 4,Group 5, Group 6
  • Engineering services
  • Agriculture department
  • Cooperative societies
  • Education department
  • Employment and training
  • Fisheries
  • Forest department
  • Handloom and textiles
  • General services
  • Forensic department
  • Industries
  • Highway department
  • Jail sector
  • Medical department
  • Minerals department
  • State judicial and legislative department
  • State treasury department
  • Town and country planning
  • Transport and logistics

Features Introduced:

  • COUNSELLING: In 2012, they introduced a method named counselling. This shows the ultimate transparency a organization can do for the fair and justified recruitment. The selected candidates are invited for a common schedule in which the personnel have to select their own choice of work and job in accordance with their priority.
  • ONE TIME REGISTRATION: They made an identity for students providing a unique username and password which they have to register it for the very first time ,known as one time registration. They also made the aspirants enjoy fee exemption for the first three exams.
  • COMMUNAL RANK/OVER ALL RANK: They provide the mark sheet with the mark they scored along with the person’s communal rank in the state and also the overall rank they conquered. This gives a clear visibility for the students to choose their preferences early.
  • ANNUAL PLANNER: This is the more promising aspect in TNPSC for the students, as they release the annual planner in the start of the year. This annual planner contains the various exams that will conducted throughout the year. They thereby prepare and execute themselves accordingly.
  • GRIEVANCE REDRESSAL CELL : A person may report any unauthorized activity to this cell by post ,in person or enquiry through telephone.

Contact Information:

  • Address :



CHENNAI – 600003

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