Tnpsc Group 4 2016 general english question paper detailed explanation [11 to 20]

Tnpsc Group 4 2016 general english question paper detailed explanation [11 to 20]

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Good to know that, our post reaching and helping all readers. We would like to give explanation for all questions and answers from 11 to 20 (Group IV Exam). Readers, please check out our site for other TNPSC Material and current affairs and general topics of other competitive exams too. All our steps give more comfort in your preparation. In this section, we gonna check on Match the phrase, Gerund, Identify the rhyme scheme, Question from “ The Selfish Giant”, Synonyms for underlined words, Match the British English with the American English Word, Questions from “Road to Success” and Personality.

Explanation for Questions Below:

Qn.11: Match the following

  1. The cream cake is           1. Harder and harder
  2. The new sweets are 2. More Expensive
  3. The new waiters are 3. So costly
  4. It’s getting 4. Better

      a        b        c         d

  1. 1        3        4         2
  2. 3        2         1        4
  3. 2        3         4        1
  4. 4         2       1         3

Answer: C

Explanation: This question is quite easy. Answer must match the correct phrase accordingly to make it sensible.

Qn.12: Find out the sentence where Gerund is used:

  1. Sujatha is wealthy but she is not generous.

Gerund = Verb + ing. So the above sentence doesn’t have any Gerund.

  1. We sat on the floor

This option have no Gerund.

  1. Writing is always better than to read.

Here writing is Gerund, where write (Verb). Gerund – (Write + ing = Writing).

So Answer is writing.

  1. She is a teacher and a singer.

Qn.13: The question is from the Poem “Be the Best”. The Poetic lines are

“if you can’t be a highway, just be a trail,

If can’t be a Sun, be a Star;

It is not the size that you win or you fail

Be the Best of whatever you are!…..”

The rhyme scheme in the above given lines is

  1. a a
  2. a b a b
  3. a b c
  4. a a b

Answer: B

Explanation: Here 1st and 3rd line ends with same sound as “trail” and “fail”. So it was assumed as “a & a”. Likewise 2nd and 4th line ends with ‘Star and are’ as “b & b”. So it is written as a b a b.

Qn.14: The Giant’s final Journey was to

  1. his Friends place
  2. his son’s home
  3. to the neighbouring village
  4. the paradise

Answer: d

Explanation: As per the “The Selfish Giant” Story, the little boy took Giant to the Paradise. That was his final Journey.

Qn.15: “The attainment of a developed status by 2020 does not mean that we can then rest on a laurels

Laurels means

  1. Failures
  2. Rewards
  3. Wealth
  4. Criticisms

Answer: b

Explanation: Here Laurels means Rewards. This word was taken from the Prose “Vision for the Nation”. (XI STD Books)

Qn.16: “ To my immediate right The Nanda Pal glacier slopes down sharply___________of  course for the fact that ends in a cold and menacing snout with icy water flowing below”

In the given passage, the word Menacing means

  1. Threatening
  2. Pacifying
  3. Attracting
  4. Repelling

Answer: a

Explanation: If we closely watch the phrase, it is from the lesson “To the Land of Snow”. Check glossary section.  

Qn.17: Match the British English with their American English

  1. Chips            1. Garbage can
  2. Dustbin 2. Jelly
  3. Jam 3. Guy
  4. Fellow 4. Better

 a        b        c         d

  1. 1        4        3         2
  2. 3        4         1        2
  3. 2        4         3        1
  4. 4         1       2         3

Answer: D


American English for Chips is French Fries.

American English for Dustbin is Garbage Can.

American English for Jam is Jelly.

American English for Fellow is Guy.

Qn.18: The American English equivalent of the word “Washbasin” is

  1. Zee
  2. Wash room
  3. Wash tank
  4. Sink

Answer: d


In American English, Washbasin is called as Sink.

Qn.19: The first step in the road to success, according to Edwin. C.Bliss, is to

  1. Believe that success is not a bed of roses.
  2. Steer clear of pitfalls
  3. Set yourself clear goal
  4. Start devoting time and energy.

Answer: c


In the prose, “Road to Success”, Edwin C Bliss quoted

Success does not mean the absence of failures.

It means the attainment of ultimate objectives

It means winning the war, not every battle.

Hence it is clear that, he speaks about setting Goal.

Qn.20: Gopala Krishna Gokhale was

  1. A freedom fighter
  2. A thespian
  3. The first President of India
  4. The first Prime Minister of India

Answer: a

Explanation:  it is just very common question. So check the prose of “A Golden Path “. (X STD)

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