Tnpsc Group 4 2016 general english question paper detailed explanation shortcuts [21 to 30 Questions]

Tnpsc Group 4 2016 general english question paper detailed explanation shortcuts [21 to 30 Questions]


General English Section in TNPSC exam is quite easy. In last section, we have discussed about questions from 1 to 20. Now rest questions from Group 4 exam are took from Poems. Here you can check questions from author and their works, poetic lines, Find the poetic lines and locate its poem, explanation for the poetic lines etc.

Qn.21: “Or, all day we drive the wheels of iron.

In the factories, round and round”.

In which Poem do these lines occur?

  1. The Cry of the Children
  2. Migrant Bird
  3. Shilpi
  4. Going for water

Ans: a

Explanation: This line tells about Child Labour, who rotates the wheel of iron for the whole day in the factory.

Expected Poetic Questions from same Poem:

  1. The reddest flower would like as pale as snow
  2. O’ ye wheels

“Stop! Be silent for to-day!”

Qn.22: Which of the following is not a poem?

  1. The Power of Laughter
  2. No Men are Foreign
  3. A Tiger in the Zoo
  4. My Grandmother’s house

Ans: a

Explanation: Except Option (a) other topics are from poem Std: 8. So, the answer is (a). The power of laugher is a prose from Std 8.

Expected Questions as above:

Which of the following is a Poem?

  1. Snake   b) Gone forever    c) Buds to Blossom     d) Mark of Vishnu.

Ans: Snake

Qn.23:  “ I won’t look down. No i will not

With speed of wings i hasten and past.”

In whose poem do the following lines occur?

  1. Famida Y. Basheer
  2. Kamala Surrayya
  3. Archibald Lampman
  4. Rudyard Kipling

Ans: a

Explanation: The Lines are from “Migrant Bird”. Here the author describes as Birds speaks about its feel while migration and its own freedom in the world. The Line describes about its winging speed.

Expected Poetic Questions from same Poem:

  1. No walks for me, No vigil gates.
  2. My Sojourn into unknown lands.
  3. To breed my brood where’r  I will

Qn.24: The Poem ‘Laugh and be Merry’ is written by

  1. H.W. Longfellow
  2. Robert Frost
  3. Ralph Waldo Emerson
  4. John Masefield

Ans: d

Explanation: Likewise, the question paper setter will ask authors/Poet name for their respective poems.

Expected Questions as above:

Don’t Quit is written by Edgar A Guest

The Flying wonder is written by Stephen Vincent Benet.

Earth is written by Khalil Gibran

Qn.25: What is the theme observed in the story “The Mark of Vishnu”?

  1. Upholding Patriotism
  2. Quest from freedom
  3. Abolition of communism
  4. Riddance of superstition

Ans: d

Explanation: This poem describes the superstition of Gunga Ram about Snake and his belief on Lord Vishnu.

Expected Questions as above:

Theme of Poems:

The Poem “Piano” describes about the author’s past time during his school days.

The Poem “Be the Best” says about the optimistic, self- acceptance, being contented.

Qn.26: Which of the following is a Poem?

Choose the right answer from the options given below

  1. Wings of Fire
  2. Gaia tells her tale
  3. To India – My Native Land
  4. The Golden Path

Ans: c

Tips: By heart all poems, poets, prose & supplementary authors. So that it will be easy to answer as soon as you see the question. But remember, they may also twist in questions like ‘is a poem’ or ‘not a poem’.

Expected Question:

Which of the following is not a poem?

  1. To India – My Native Land
  2. Gaia tells her tale
  3. Is Life but a Dream
  4. Don’t Quit

Ans: b

Qn.27: Match the names of the poets under column A with the names of the poems, under column B and choose the correct code.

  1. Thomas Hardy 1. My Grandmother’s House
  2. Elizabeth Barrett Browning 2. Piano
  3. D.H. Lawrence 3. The Cry of the Children
  4. Kamala Surayya 4. The Man He Killed
  1. 1  2   3   4
  2. 1  4  3   2
  3. 4  3   1   2
  4. 4  3  2    1

Ans: d


The man He killed was written by Thomas Hardy

The Cry of the Children was written by Elizabeth Barrett Browning

Piano was written by D.H.Lawrence

My Granndmother’s House was written by Kamala Surayya

Expected Question:

Walt Whitman – O Captain! My Captain

William Shakespeare – Sonnet No: 116

V.K.Gokak – English words

Randell Jarell – Bat

Qn.28: “A note as from a single place,

A Slender tinkling fall that made”

These above lines occur in the poem

  1. Going for Water
  2. Beautiful Inside
  3. The cry of the Children
  4. Migrant Bird

Ans: a

Explanation: The lines are taken from the poem, “Going for the Water” – Std 10. It describes slender tinkling fall as the moon light falls on the river.

Expected Poetic Questions from same Poem:

  1. Like gnomes that hid from the moon
  2. Now drops that floated on the pool

Like pearls, and now a Silver blade

  1. We ran as if to meet the moon

Qn.29: Identify the figure of Speech used in the following Poetic line.

In the world’s, broad field of battle

  1. Personification
  2. Simile
  3. Metaphor
  4. Oxymoron

Ans: c

Explanation: This line is taken from the poem “The Psalm of Life”. It describes the reader not to waste time and no to be discouraged by failures, but to have a heart for any fate. So it is a Metaphor, which is similar to Simile.

Expected Questions:

  1. Laugh till the Game is played
  2. Through fears and fright I fly my flight
  3. Look as pale as snow

Qn.30: Walt Whitman wrote the Poem “ O Captain! My Captain!” as a dirge for the death of

  1. John F Kennedy.
  2. Andrew Jackson
  3. Woodrow Wilson
  4. Abraham Lincoln

Ans: d

Expected Questions:

The Speaker celebrates the end of Civil War

Who is the captain in “O Captain! My Captain!” – Abraham Lincoln

Which is called ‘Ship’ in “O Captain! My Captain!” – United State of America

Civil War is called fearfull trip.

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