Tnpsc Monthly Current Affairs in Tamil & English Pdf Download

Tnpsc Monthly Current Affairs in Tamil & English Pdf Download

Tnpsc Monthly Current Affairs in Tamil & English Pdf Download [ தமிழ் நடப்பு நிகழ்வுகள்] : Dear Tnpsc Aspirants, Here we have provided Tnpsc Monthly Current Affairs in Tamil & English + Tnpsc Monthly Current Affairs Online Test Updated. We are first website providing Monthly weekly Daily Today current affairs in Tamil and English. We have included Tamilnadu Affairs and Current events in Tamil with Proper Images. We assure that if you study these current affairs, you will get more marks in competitive exams like Tnpsc, SSC, Bank, Police exams and Railway exams. You can download This CA as Free.

Tnpsc Monthly Current Affairs


October 2020

இன்றைய நடப்பு நிகழ்வுகள் – Today Current Affairs

September 2020

September Tamil Current Affairs 2020

September English Current Affairs 2020

August 2020

August 2020 Monthly Current Affairs Pdf Tamil

August 2020 Monthly Current Affairs Pdf English

July 2020

July Tamil Current Affairs 2020

July English Current Affairs 2020

June 2020

June Tamil Current Affairs 2020

June English Current Affairs 2020

May 2020

Tnpsc Current Affairs May 2020 Tamil

Tnpsc Current Affairs May 2020 English

April 2020

April 2020 Monthly Current Affairs Pdf English

April 2020 Monthly Current Affairs Pdf Tamil

March 2020

March 2020 Monthly Current Affairs Tamil

March 2020 Monthly Current Affairs English

February 2020

February Current Affairs 2020 English

February Current Affairs 2020 Tamil

January 2020

January 2020 Current Affairs in Tamil

January 2020 Current Affairs in English


Tamilnadu public service commission conducts group exams every year for various posts. It comprises of various department exams that varies from higher cadre to lower cadre. TNPSC do follow a certain standard of syllabus and exam pattern for shortlisting and screening of candidates into position. The exam pattern usually is made of subjects that are related to general knowledge, current events , mental ability to solve and historical values of our country. The section of language is included in the case of group 4 .Thought the difficulty of the exam varies according to the post and level, the basic exam pattern is usually of the above mentioned topics only.

Thus it is clear that CURRENT AFFAIRS is a very important topic that takes place in all the exams of TNPSC without any doubt.  All the exam pattern of TNPSC contains current affairs as a major topic  in the exam pattern.


Yes! It is important for every aspirant to know about the role of current affairs in TNPSC exams.  In the TNPSC exam pattern, current affairs occupies a section of 25 questions out of 200 questions. This turns out to be the deciding factor in our marks and our position in the merit list. Let us take the higher cadre, GROUP 1 prelims, in this exam it is recommended to study a year current events i.e. Last 12 months current affairs. It also to be noted that the previous current affairs not belonging to that year can be asked as a general knowledge question.

In GROUP 2 prelims , the syllabus tends to be the same as group 1 , and it mainly concentrates on the last 8 month current affairs . In shortly, preference may be given to the last 6 months. In GROUP 4 and all other exams we can also take the same strategy of following the majority of last 6 months and also studying 8 months in plan.


Current affairs is a section/ topic that is included in the competitive exams not only in TNPSC but also RRB, SSC, ETC.,  All the competitive exams will include this section in their pattern mandatorily. As this section is risky to be memorized and cannot be predicted , all the competitive exams will definitely make current events and news included in their syllabus.

Current affairs talks about the events occurring ,new invention & discoveries, current economy globally,  sports events conducted world wide, medical innovations and all the recently held programs  and conferences too. An aspirant / candidate is to be tested with the general knowledge of the updated events that is occurring in and out of the country. That is what makes a great difference among the other candidates with their knowledge. It is a responsibility of an individual to know the current affairs daily , both nationally and internationally.


As we all know that current affairs is the difficult topic regardless of what post we apply in various exams. It seems to be very risky for the aspirants to prepare towards this section. The students have to prepare this from newspapers and also daily magazines. This is not a book covered material like the other subjects.  Though we prepare a lot for this topic , we cannot assure whether  it will take place in the question paper. This part makes the students to omit this section or find it to be stressful while preparing for this section.


There are various topics that are included in this current affairs section that take place globally and nationally. It also includes our state current affairs & events of much importance. The following are the topics that mainly contribute in current affairs:

  • Banking & Finance Awareness
  • Government Schemes
  • National & International Awards & Honors
  • New Appointments
  • MOU’s & Agreements
  • Summits & Conferences
  • Committees & Organization Reports
  • Recent Committees
  • Defence News
  • Sport Events
  • Web portals & Apps
  • Books & Authors
  • Obituary
  • Brand & Campaign Ambassadors
  • Important International & National Days
  • Motto’s and Themes
  • Educational Affairs
  • Recent Famous Places
  • Science & Technology
  • Recent Festivals

Tnpsc Current Affairs Model Test

Section Wise Current Affairs Pdf


WINMEEN  is the first and foremost website in Tamil Nadu providing the best current affairs in the form of PDF in our website. It includes the current events and activities taking place in the state, country and across the globe. Winmeen understands the difficulty of students preparing this section of current affairs, and has been tremendously working in providing the best current affairs always. Students can access to all the materials of Current affairs in our page at any time.


WINMEEN is constantly working for this current affairs in such a way to make the students realize the importance of current affairs and not to omit this part easily. It is here you will grade up your standard in the list. Here follows the highlights of the pdf in our website:

  • Current affairs are taken from all the newspapers daily. We also refer from government documents and economic times to provide the best current affairs material.
  • We provide the study material of current affairs in both English & Tamil ,for the ease of students.
  • We provide the current affairs daily in our website, and also combined as weekly and monthly current affairs pdf.
  • We provide it as question answer format provided with four options ,so that students can easily relate the questions in the examination.
  • In order to remember easily , Winmeen provides an innovative way of providing the questions with images. This will make students to recognize the question in a very easy way.
  • We cover all the topics that are included in the current affairs  , providing by which without omitting any part.
  • We provide the Tamilnadu current affairs in a separate section at the last which is of high importance.
  • In group 4 exam conducted in the year 2018 , 24 questions were asked in the section of current affairs. At that time our Current affairs pdf nearly contributed 18 questions nearly 90% of the current affairs section.
  • We provide materials that you can study &  prepare for any competitive exams like TNPSC, SSC , RRB etc..
  • Many educational institutes provide our WINMEEN CURRENT AFFAIRS printed as book to the students.


  1. You can access our website for all the study related materials covering current affairs. You can download your required material either as daily pdf or weekly or also as monthly pdf.
  2. You can subscribe to us a lifetime subscription for online coaching at Rs.5000 to attend weekly and monthly test on current affairs. It will enhance yourselves and build up your confidence too.

Last One Year Current Affairs

Last 6 Months Current Affairs

You can visit our website for all the study materials of TNPSC GROUP exams, and also to check the job details, eligibility and exam pattern.  You can also attend mock test that is available in our website for various topics. These mock tests will help you to identify your mistakes and rectify it immediately. We will always be a step ahead of others to guide you.



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