Tnpsc – sentence correction, correct plural form, Correct degree and Question from the following description of places

Tnpsc – sentence correction, correct plural form, Correct degree and Question from the following description of places


Shall we look on next grammar section on TNPSC General English. In this article, we are going to see sentence correction, correct plural form, Correct degree and Question from the following description of places.

TNPSC Grammar

Plural Form

Noun which are plural in form but take singular verb.

The Subject such as Physics, Economics, Mechanics, Politics are plural in form. But it takes singular verb.

Example: Athletics, Gymnastics, Linguistics, Pyrotechnics, news, mumps and measles are common.


  1. Analysis – Analyses
  2. Curriculum – Curricula
  3. Corpus – Corpora
  4. Genus – Genera
  5. Bureau – Bureaus
  6. Maid-Servant – Maid – Servants
  7. Passer-by – Passers-by
  8. Chief – Chiefs
  9. Proof – Proofs
  10. Dwarf – Dwarfs
  11. Axis – Axes
  12. Syllabus – Syllabi
  13. Cactus _ Cacti
  14. Ox-Oxen
  15. Child – Children


  1. The right plural form for the word underlined in the following sentence is ______

John speaks without basis.

  1. Basises      b) Basics    c) Basal    d) Bases

Answer: D

Some of the special examples with explanation are also given below in the uploaded image.


TNPSC General English Grammar part

Correct Degree

The degree of comparison are of 3 types such as Positive, Comparative and Superlative.

Positive Degree:

It is used to denote the mere existence of quality.

EX: The Dog is a faithful animal.

      Joe is a clever boy.

Comparative Degree:

It is used to compare the quality of two person or things.

EX: Khan is shorter than Gopi

      The Lion is stronger than the Tiger.

Superlative Degree:

It is used when more than two person or things are compared.

EX: Elephant is the biggest animal on land.


  1. No other boy in the class is so tall as Arun. – Positive Degree
  2. Very few girls are as tall as Rani – Positive Degree
  3. Mohan is taller than Charles – Comparative Degree
  4. Sita is atleast as tall as Leela. – Positive Degree
  5. Arun is the tallest boy in the class. – Superlative Degree


  1. Identify the sentence which is in the superlative degree
  1. All his colleagues are senior to him
  2. The nearest railway station is 2kms from here.
  3. My Knife is sharper than yours
  4. Of the two evils, choose the less

Answer: B

  1. Rani is one of the __________girl.
  1. Tall   b) Taller    c) Tallest    d) as tall as

Answer: C

Know more examples in degree comparison


Sentence Correction

To make correction in sentence, one must know all concepts in grammar such as tense, voice, adverb, adjective, preposition, article, Etc.  So this section, bit difficult if you can’t find out the grammatical errors or suitable options for the given sentence.


  1. Pick out the sentence which us grammatically correct and meaningful.
  1. Do not alter the course of action
  2. The carpenter cut off a large bow of timber.
  3. The landscape was bear
  4. The site of our college building is very beautiful.

See whether you can answer it or not.

  1. Fill in the blanks with the appropriate conditional.

You had better consult a doctor _______ your condition will become worse.

  1. Unless   b) Otherwise    c)  Provided that     d) In case

Answer: B

  1. Choose the correct option for the below sentence.

He used to visit us every week, but _______ now.

  1. Rarely comes   b) was rarely coming    c) has rarely come     d) had rarely come

Answer: A

TNPSC GE : Description of places

The questions will be asked from topics such as, “ To the land of Snow ”, “ Yaanai Malai ” and    “ Brihadeesvarar Temple ”. Surely one to two questions will be asked from these chapters.


The Granary of Tamil Nadu –   Thanjavur

The Brihadeesvarar Temple built in 1010.

Who built Brihadeesvarar temple? – King Raja Raja Chola

Like this, we need to read all these chapters with special care.


What is the speciality of the “Vimanams” of the Brihadeesvarar temple?

  1. Built of teak wood
  2. Built with a special kind of Mortar.
  3. Built with stones with bonding and notching.
  4. Built up without the use of Mortor.

Answer: D

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