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Visual Communication Book Back Questions 10th Science Lesson 23

10th Science Lesson 23

23] Visual Communication

Book Back Questions with Answer and Do You Know Box Content

Choose the best answers:

1. Which software is used to create animation?

(a) Paint

(b) PDF

(c) MS Word

(d) Scratch

2. All files are stored in the ______________

(a) Folder

(b) Box

(c) Pai

(d) Scanner

3. Which is used to build scripts?

(a) Script area

(b) Block palette

(c) Stage

(d) Sprite

4. Which is used to edit programs?

(a) Inkscape

(b) Script editor

(c) Stage

(d) Sprite

5. Where you will create category of blocks?

(a) Block palette

(b) Block menu

(c) Script area

(d) Sprite

Match the following:

1. Script Area – Type notes

2. Folder – Animation software

3. Scratch – Edit programs

4. Costume editor – Store files

5. Notepad – Build Scripts


Choose the best answer:

1.Scratch 2. Folder 3. Script area 4. Script writer 5. Block menu

Match the following:

1.(e) Build Scripts

2.(d) Store files

3.(b) Animation software

4.(c) Edit programs

5.(a) Type notes.

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