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January 2019

  1. The Union Government has launched the Web – Wonder Women campaign in collaboration with which human rights organization?

Ans: Breakthrough India

  1. Which railway zone has launched mobile app to help people navigate through Prayagraj city during Kumbh Mela?

Ans: North Central Railway

  1. Which IIT has launched an app ‘Roshni’ to help blind identify notes?

Ans: IIT Ropar

February 2019

  1. Which state government has recently launched online clearance mechanism for entrepreneurs?

Ans: Kerala

  1. The e-AUSHADHI portal has been launched for online licensing of which of the following drugs?

Ans: Ayurveda, Unani, Siddha

  1. Which of the following is the pan-India helpline number launched by Government of India under Emergency Response Support System (ERSS)?

Ans: 112

March 2019

  1. What is the India’s rank in The Facebook Inclusive Internet Index (3i) 2019?

Ans: 47th

  1. Which tech giant has launched ‘Bolo’ app to tutor children to read in Hindi & English?

Ans: Google

  1. The Rice Knowledge Bank, which is in news recently, has been launched in which of the following states?

Ans: Assam

  1. Which of the following IT companies has signed pact with the Andhra Pradesh government to build 3D printing centre in the state?

Ans: Hewlett Packard

  1. Which state election department has launched an initiative ‘i-help’ to promote digital electoral literacy?

Ans: Assam

  1. Which technology giant has launched India-specific tools to boost election engagement?

Ans: Facebook

  1. Which social networking site has recently banned White Nationalism & Separatism on its Platforms?

Ans: Facebook

  1. The Union Government has launched a blockchain-enabled marketplace app for which of the following commodities?

Ans: Coffee

April 2019

  1. Which state has been ranked first in e-learning training programme of Department of Personal and Training (DoPT) of the Government India?

Ans: Telangana

  1. Which mobile wallet provider has tied up with MMTC-PAMP India to launch gold buying feature?

Ans: Google Pay

  1. Which tech giant has launched a new open platform “Anthos” to run and manage apps from anywhere?

Ans: Google

  1. The women’s safety app “My Circle” has been launched by which of the following telecom companies?

Ans: Bharti Airtel

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