What is Decision – How to take decision?

What is Decision – How to take decision?

Decision- it is made every day by us. We start our day by deciding when to wake up? What to cook? What to eat? What to wear? When to move out of home? Where to go? Etc. Here in our post today we will be discussing about what is decision? And How to take decision?


Decision is act of creating a solution for a problem.

Steps to take decision

There are various steps involved in decision making process. These steps are been discussed here in this passage.

  • Stay Clam: First step in taking a decision is to stay calm. Any decision that is taken during emotional feeling will end of in creating a disaster. So before taking a decision try to relax yourself. Just stay calm and relax yourself.
  • Gather information: try to gather as much information is needed before deciding any solution for the problem. With more information you will be able to figure out the depth of the problem. So try to get all the information related to the issue.
  • Understand the problem: try to understand the problem for which you need to take a decision. Understanding the problem will help you in knowing the seriousness of the issue and neediness for the solution.
  • Think about who is affected: Any decision that is taken should not affect the feelings of other people. So think twice before taking a decision and try to avoid hurting the emotional feeling of another people.
  • Make out all possible option: Before making a final decision try to make more alternative options that is available for the problem. When more options are made the better decision will be taken.
  • Value the opinion: Value the opinions of the pros and cons of the solution you are going to take a decision.
  • Think before you leap: think before you make the final decision. The decision will be final so once you inform the decision you will not be able to change it.

Use all these steps and make your decision wisely. Once you decide using all these steps you can inform others. And just remember once you decide something be bold to take the action.

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