Winmeen Test Sheets – Buy Samacheer Line By Line Questions Book Hard Copy

Winmeen Test Sheets – Buy Samacheer Line By Line Questions Book Hard Copy

Good News to Tnpsc Aspirants!… Here Winmeen Comes with Winmeen Test Sheets – Buy Samacheer Line By Line Questions Book Hard Copy. Check below passage for Details.

Check Sample Pages and Buy

Check Sample Pages and Buy

Check Sample Pages and Buy

Check Sample Pages and Buy

Admin Whatsapp – 6385150514

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Admin Whatsapp – 6385150514

11th 12th Social – 4 Books

11, 12ஆம் வகுப்பு வரலாறு – 2500+ வினாக்கள் மற்றும் விடைகள்

11, 12ஆம் வகுப்பு அரசியல் அறிவியல் – 3100+ வினாக்கள் மற்றும் விடைகள்

11, 12ஆம் வகுப்பு பொருளாதாரம் – 1200+ வினாக்கள் மற்றும் விடைகள்

11, 12ஆம் வகுப்பு புவியியல் – 2100+ வினாக்கள் மற்றும் விடைகள்

4 Books 1500 Rs + Delivery Charges 100 Rs

Buy 11th 12th Social Questions Bank

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WINMEEN  is an educational platform brought up to enlighten the students working towards passion to achieve great heights in the Tamilnadu public service commission (TNPSC) exams. It paves the way in a right path in order that students and aspirants are guided towards their career and growth in a successful manner.

It stands and serves as the No.1 website in Tamilnadu for coaching the students in all the aspects. They provide  detailed  and  clear crystal view of studying the subjects and general affairs. We provide the best online coaching for all subjects that are included in the TNPSC updated syllabus. We provide study materials for all the subjects in a very informative manner that do covers the samacheer books.

Winmeen is a great institutional service that duly works on the aspirant’s career needs and requirements. It is running towards its milestone with 6 years of experience and 4 years of online coaching. They conduct and experiment various processing ways to bring out the best study materials from all the respective experienced faculties.


WINMEEN provides you the best online coaching for the TNPSC exams. It takes the ultimate responsibility of  preparing  and delivering the study materials for students in a most significant way. It collects and prepares the content from the samacheer books covering all the topics in the updated syllabus.

It is also important that an aspirant should attend as possible mock tests and online test. This will make you enhance yourselves by rectifying your mistakes. It makes you analyze the weakness of yours, which gradually helps in to your improvement of subjects. Self assessment and practice will always make you grower and be a step ahead of others.

Thus Winmeen provides you subject wise online mock tests for various subjects. It is a question mock test prepared from samacheer books which are of high importance. This will definitely make you to boost yourselves in the preparation of yours.

The most important and crucial part in exams for the aspirants is the Current affairs. They find it very difficult to analyze this part and score marks. This section is not a book covered area, so it needs lot of time and effort for aspirants to prepare. They should go through all the current trending events and activities in the country and across the world.

Taking this into account, Winmeen provides the best study materials in pdf for current affairs. It covers all the current related events in state, national and global level. We aim at providing utmost all the informative details through this pdf. We provide the current affairs in a day-to-day manner ,weekly current affairs and consolidated together as monthly current events. It is provided at free of cost in our website for the aspirants, so that they will find it to study this section in a very easy manner. Students have to visit our website ,then just click on the pdf you need and have it in your fingertips.

On the whole, Winmeen provides you :

  • DAILY NOTES – Study materials of all subjects covering lesson wise.
  • DAILY TEST – Keeping yourselves a self assessment.
  • SUBJECT WISE MOCK TEST– Provides the complete subject tests.
  • DETAILED EXPLANATION VIDEO – It provides the detailed video explanation in all subjects.
  • CURRENT AFFAIRS – Daily, weekly and monthly current affairs in a proper way.

You can enroll yourselves in this Tamilnadu’s best online coaching by Winmeen at Rs.5000/- as your lifetime subscription. This enrolment is not for a specified period or only during the exams, it is a lifetime coaching which you can access at any time. This enrolment covers you a complete package of Tnpsc coaching material along with test series.


WINMEEN always works in an initiative and  creative way of motivating the students. It approaches the students in a different perspective by which aspirants would eagerly prepare and compete themselves with the world.

We are happy and proud to announce our next initiative “ WINMEEN TEST SHEETS”

What is Winmeen test sheet?

Winmeen test sheets is a great initiative move towards the TNPSC preparation. It provides the line by line questions of each topics that are included in the SAMACHEER books. It covers all the topics in the lessons in each and every subject. Winmeen is the first educational institution to bring up this initiative, covering all the topics syllabus in the form of questions. It is purely brought to you as a mock test and a self assessment material, which will enlighten and mold yourselves in your strong preparation. It serves to be a very quick lesson wise revision.

 Winmeen is now ready with the first set of material test sheets for 6th To 12th SOCIAL SCIENCE & SCIENCE SUBJECTS. This will be available to you in ENGLISH & TAMIL, you can choose your preferred one. This material contains the entire syllabus question bank which will be useful to you for  all TNPSC EXAMS like GROUP 1,GROUP 2,VAO AND ETC.. You can access to this material both by online and offline.


As we have already discussed about the online coaching, this material test sheets are also included in this online coaching. Students can access this material by enrolling themselves in this coaching. You will be provided with all the test sheets that covers the subjects. In additional to it, you will experience a detailed explanation video to all the answers in this test sheet and also the pdf attached to it.


We do provide our WINMEEN TEST SHEETS in offline as hard copy i.e., book at your required place. You will have to visit our website , where the link for the payment of this material will be provided . You can order your book at very ease and find it to be delivered in approximate within a week. This books covers all the important nook and corner questions provided with the answers at the last.

The sample material of hard copy and soft copy of the Winmeen test sheets will be available in our website. You can take a look at it also, for further clarifications. Make use of this great and golden opportunity to grab this material of your own.

Start making a difference from others and be a step forward.

Winmeen always wishes you the best for your career and will provide you guidance at your every footstep. ALL THE BEST ASPIRANTS!!!

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