Why You Failed in TNPSC exam and how to overcome?

Why You Failed in TNPSC exam and how to overcome?

Hello readers, welcome back to the series of inspirational and useful posts. This post is very useful for the aspirants who are preparing for the TNPSC examination. Let we move on to the post.

Why coaching centres getting low pass percentage (below 10 %)?

Why the same candidates getting multiple job, but why I am not?

Ok. Let we see the answers for the above questions. Anand, person from Bihar who worked for 10 years in companies started a coaching centre (non-profit) to train the aspirants. He trained 30 candidates in 2 years. But 17 candidates got passed out of 30 candidates. He shared the details that why his students failed.

1) No Self Confidence

Self Confidence is the first qualification to crack the competitive examination like TNPSC, RRB, Bank PO etc. Even they have talent; one cannot achieve his goal without self confidence.

2) Coaching Centre Selection

Coaching centres also determine the success rate of the TNPSC aspirants. If the candidates joined in good coaching centres, they can easily crack the competitive examinations within maximum of 2 years. Coaching centres can help you only 20 – 30 in your preparation. You should study through proper guidance. Many aspirants cleared the competitive examination without the help of coaching centres. Nowadays, more business centres are available than the Coaching Centres. Here are some of the points how candidates getting cheated by the coaching centres.

  1. a) Advertisment
  2. b) Fake success report
  3. c) Coaching centres claim that most of the questions were asked for the competitive examination from our study material.
  4. d)  Joining in the coaching centres by seeing the pass percentage.
  5. e) Aspirants usually join the coaching centres having maximum number of admission. There is no use of joining in the class with the 200 to 250 students.

3) Trust on Study Material

Candidates usually do the study material collection during the preparation of the exams. This only will not help you to crack the competitive examinations. Amount of study material will not determine your success.

4) More trust on the Coaching Centres

Most of the candidates think that if they join in the good coaching centre, they will surely get the government job.  This is not true. The truth is that one can crack the competitive examinations by doing the preparation for 9 months to 12 months. There is no use in joining in the coaching centres after the exam notification, because you will only get 2 or 3 months to prepare for the examinations.

5) Over Confidence

Don’t be over confident if you got 140 marks in TNPSC examination. Usually aspirants think that they can easily get pass in next exam. This is due to over confidence. Candidates must study continuously for getting job in government and public sector.

6) Part Time Coaching

One cannot sail two boats in a time. Candidates usually go for job due to their family situation. Candidates have achieved their goal to get government job, even going to the job. This needs more preparation and hard work.

7) Memorizing the content

If you understand the content, there is no need of memorizing all the subjects. They used to prepare for the examinations according to the study material available in the shop. Minimum 7 hours per day is enough to crack the TNPSC examinations.

8) Importance of General Knowledge

Mostly the TNPSC aspirants give less important to the General Studies than the General Tamil while preparing for the exams. This will reduce your success rate. Except Chennai, Coaching centers in other district creates this type of images among the TNPSC aspirants. Candidates can easily prepare for the General Tamil without any guidance. But It will take time to prepare for the General studies.

9) Relationships with friends in other coaching centres

Always get in touch with the friends in the other coaching centres. This will help you to prepare for the examination. This will also let you to analyze your mistake in preparation for the TNPSC examinations.

10) Wasting time on Love

If the person fell in love, they forgot what’s happening around them. Even the rate is low; this spoils the life of students. This will be big problem for the studies of the girl and success of the boy.

11) Advice

Nowadays, young students never like to get advice from their teachers, friends and even parents. They think that they are experienced, they know all.

12) Social Media (Whatsapp, Facebook)

Whatsapp and facebook is a technology boon and bane for the aspirants. Even it is good, it will reduce the chance of your success in the TNPSC and other competitive examinations. Control your usuage of facebook and whatsapp. Whatsapp is a way to communicate with friends and relative, not to waste your time.

13) Read daily newspaper

Reading newspaper daily will help you in the preparation of the current affairs. If you read the newspaper daily, there is no need for the separate preparation for the current affairs. Make reading the newspaper as hobby.

14) Preparation on exam time

This is the main mistake among the TNPSC aspirants. Don’t start your preparation for the examination before 2 months of the exam date. Always start your preparation before 6 months. This will increase the chance of getting pass in the TNPSC examination.

Do share with your friends. Let them know they failed and how to overcome. Thanks for sharing and caring. Stay tuned with winmeen.com for more useful articles on TNPSC exam preparation.

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