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Tnpsc Maths Material

Tnpsc Maths Material

TNPSC GROUP 1, 2, 2A, 4, VAO ஆகிய தேர்வுகளுக்கான கணிதம் – மாதிரி வினாக்கள் கீழே கொடுக்கப்பட்டுள்ளன. [ கடைசியில் ]

Dear Tnpsc students, welcome to tnpsc maths material page. This page will be more helpful for tnpsc aspirants especially tamil medium students because i am going to create the tnpsc maths material page with full of tnpsc shortcuts and tricks. Also i am going to explain every topic in tnpsc aptitude section both tamil and english. The main reason for creating this page is to help tnpsc candidates those who are thinking week in maths not for week students. None of the students are week in any subject, They are thinking difficult and they are failing.

Tnpsc Maths Material
Tnpsc Maths Material

Totally 25 questions are asked from tnpsc aptitude section in tnpsc group exams except group 1 exam. Because in group 1 exam 50 questions are asked. I saw on group 1 exam question which is held just before 2014 group 4 exam, In that what i found is most of the group 4 questions are directly asked from group 1 exam question 2014. So we have to practice group 1 exam questions also. Then only we can get some ideas to answer the questions fast and without wasting the time in exams.

As per my analysis, I saw most of students over confident on aptitude section, hence they are failing to solve tnpsc maths section in exam because of less practice. Some students are thinking that maths is difficult to score marks, so They not practicing the maths section.

First of all, go through the tnpsc maths syllabus. Tnpsc maths syllabus is given here…


  • Conversion of information to data
  • Collection, compilation and presentation of data
  • Tables, graphs, diagrams
  • Parametric representation of data‐Analytical interpretation of data
  • Simplification
  • Percentage – English
  • Highest Common Factor (HCF)‐Lowest Common Multiple (LCM) – English
  • Ratio and Proportion – English
  • Simple interest – English – Tamil
  • Compound interest – English – Tamil
  • Area – English – Tamil
  • Volume
  • Time and Work – English
  • Behavioral ability
  • Basic terms, Communications in information technology
  • Application of Information and Communication Technology (ICT)
  • Decision making and problem solving


  • Puzzles
  • Dice – Tamil – English
  • Visual Reasoning
  • Alpha numeric Reasoning
  • Number Series – English
  • Logical Number/Alphabetical/Diagrammatic Sequences – Tamil


Tnpsc Group 1 Exam Model Questions – Quantitative Aptitude [ Appolo ] 

Tnpsc Group 1 Exam Quantitative Aptitude Study Materials In Tamil Medium

Tnpsc 100 maths aptitude questions with detailed answers

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Download Tnpsc maths material in tamil and english

Download Tnpsc maths material in tamil solved group 1 question 2014

Bank exam Aptitude sections with detailed explanation

Problems on Ages

Problems on Area

Number Series

Compound Interest

Simple Interest



Profit & Loss


Pipes and Cistern




Time and Work

Chain Rule

Ratio and Proportion



Time and Distance


Missing Numbers

Number System

Square and Cube roots