Defence News PDF

Defence News Pdf

Defence News Pdf

January 2019

  1. The German parliament has classified which North African states as safe countries of origin?

Ans: Algeria, Tunisia and Morocco

  1. The Government of India has decided to recruit women in military police after graded induction at what percentage?

Ans: 20%

  1. India’s first private-sector Howitzer gun-manufacturing plant has come up in which city?

Ans: Surat

  1. Which Indian armed force has conducted the massive coastal defence exercise ‘Sea Vigil-2019’ to check 26/11-style attacks?

Ans: Indian Navy

  1. The new Naval Air Base ‘INS Kohassa’ has commissioned at which of the states /UTs?

Ans: Andaman & Nicobar Islands

  1. The Airports Authority of India (AAI) and Saab have signed a pact to explore air traffic management. Where is the headquarters of Saab located?

Ans: Sweden

  1. Which union ministry has launched ‘RDP INDIA 2019 app’ for Republic Day parade?

Ans: Ministry of Defence

February 2019

  1. Which country’s Aerospace Industries has signed $93 million Naval MRSAM deal with Indian Navy?

Ans: Israel

  1. ISRO has launched Human Space Flight Centre (HSFC) in which city?

Ans: Bengaluru

  1. Which warship of the Indian Navy participated in the multinational maritime exercise ‘Cutlass Express 2019’?

Ans: INS Trikand

  1. Which international organisation has recently called for a total ban on nuclear weapons?

Ans: Red Cross

  1. India has signed pact with which neighboring country to train Civil Servants?

Ans: Bangladesh

  1. The multinational maritime exercise ‘AMAN 19’ was conducted in which of the following countries?

Ans: Pakistan

  1. Which Indian armed force has conducted ‘Exercise Topchi 2019’?

Ans: Indian Army

  1. Which space agency has decided to launch SPHEREx Mission to investigate the origins of our Universe?


  1. Which country has launched its first semi-heavy missile-equipped submarine ‘Fateh’?

Ans: Iran

  1. Which Defence PSU has launched Atmospheric Water Generator at Aero India 2019?

Ans: BEL

  1. Which country has conducted a naval military exercise ‘Velayat 97’ from Persian Gulf to Indian Ocean?

Ans: Iran

  1. ‘Sampriti 2019’ is the joint military exercise of India and which country?

Ans: Bangladesh

  1. BOLD-QIT project, sometimes seen in news, has launched on which of the following borders of India?

Ans: Bangladesh

March 2019

  1. “Al Nagah 2019” is the joint exercise between India and which of the following countries?

Ans: Oman

  1. Which Indian defence lab has developed ‘combat drugs’ to reduce casualties in Pulwama type attacks?

Ans: INMAS, DelhiI

  1. Which country has become the largest arms importer in 2014–18, as per SIPRI’s latest report ‘Trends in International Arms Transfers-2018’?

Ans: Saudi Arabia

  1. Which of the following ships has become the first-ever Coast Guard ship to visit Indonesia?

Ans: INS Vijit

  1. Which country has recently decided to join China’s ambitious Belt and Road initiative?

Ans: Italy

  1. The 2nd Joint Logistics Node (JLN) of tri-services has become operational in which of the following sites?

Ans: Mumbai

April 2019

  1. The Government of India (GoI) has set up a multi-disciplinary terror monitoring group (MDTMG) for which of the following states?

Ans: J and K

  1. Which of the following shipyards has become the first Indian Shipyard to deliver 100 warships?


  1. Project-75 India, sometimes seen in news, is associated with which Indian armed force?

Ans: Indian Navy

  1. Exercise Western Shield, which is in news recently, will be conducted by which of the following countries?

Ans: Sri Lanka

  1. India has recently evacuated peacekeeping CRPF contingent from which of the following African countries?

Ans: Libya

  1. Which Indian Armed force has tied up with CSIR for joint research?

Ans: Indian Navy

  1. Exercise African Lion 2019 has conducted between which of the following countries?

Ans: Morocco and United States

  1. What is the operational range of the India’s first indigenously designed Sub-sonic Cruise Missile ‘Nirbhay’?

Ans: 1000 Km

  1. Which of the following Indian Navy ships is / are participating in the International Fleet Review (IFR- 2019)?

Ans: INS Kolkata

  1. Which Indian armed force has launched guided missile destroyer Imphal?

Ans: Indian Navy

  1. Which Indian defense organization has signed pact with NHPC for construction of tunnels on China & Pakistan borders?

Ans: Indian Army

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