Tnpsc Current Affairs 2019 in Tamil & English Pdf files Download Quiz Online Test

Tnpsc Current Affairs 2019 in Tamil & English Pdf files Download Quiz Online Test

Tnpsc Current Affairs 2019 in Tamil & English Pdf files Download Quiz Online Test [ தமிழ் நடப்பு நிகழ்வுகள்] : We are happy to announcing the Good news for SSC, UPSC, Tntet Pgtrb, Tamil Nadu Tnusrb Police Constable SI, Tnpsc aspirants as we are providing daily current affairs Quiz GK and CA Online Model Test in our website. We are already Providing Tnpsc Tamil current affairs as Quiz Format [ Weekly Monthly Daily Pdf ] [ All Months – January CA, February CA, March CA, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November, December ] from top current affairs website and leading news papers.

In Tnpsc exams, current affairs section is very important and easily answerable if you know the answer and also a time saving section. In news papers also Few important news are missing, so we are working hard to search internet for all national, international affairs to give current affairs without missing any important news.

Tnpsc Study Materials Pdf

Tnpsc Current Affairs in Tamil & English Pdf files Download
Tnpsc Current Affairs in Tamil & English Pdf files Download

Reason for giving Tamil current affairs

Most of the Tnpsc job seekers are from village and Tamil medium students, hence we are giving current affairs in Tamil to help Tamil medium students to get their dream job. It is also helpful for all Tnpsc aspirants because Tamil is our mother tongue and winmeen is the first Tamil current affairs website, now it is no 1 site. Later English Current Affairs also included as requested by english medium students.

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April Current Affairs

March Current Affairs

February 2019 Daily Current Affairs


January 2019 Daily Current Affairs

Date Tamil English
01.01.2019 Download Download
02.01.2019 Download Download
03.01.2019 Download Download
04/05.01.2019 Download Download
06/07.01.2019 Download Download
08.01.2019 Download Download
09.01.2019 Download Download
10.01.2019 Download Download
11.01.2019 Download Download
12.01.2019 Download Download
13.01.2019 Download Download
14/15.01.2019 Download Download
16.01.2019 Download Download
17.01.2019 Download Download
18.01.2019 Download Download
19/20.01.2019 Download Download
21.01.2019 Download Download
22.01.2019 Download Download
23.01.2019 Download Download
24.01.2019 Download Download
25.01.2019 Download Download
26.01.2019 Download Download
27.01.2019 Download Download
28/29.01.2019 Download Download
30.01.2019 Download Download
31.01.2019 Download Download

December 2018 Monthly Current Affairs

Date Tamil English
01.12.2018 Download Download
02.12.2018 Download Download
03/04.12.2018 Download Download
05.12.2018 Download Download
06.12.2018 Download Download
07.12.2018 Download Download
08.12.2018 Download Download
09.12.2018 Download Download
10/11.12.2018 Download Download
12.12.2018 Download Download
13.12.2018 Download Download
14.12.2018 Download Download
15.12.2018 Download Download
16.12.2018 Download Download
17/18.12.2018 Download Download
19.12.2018 Download Download
20.12.2018 Download Download
21.12.2018 Download Download
22.12.2018 Download Download
23.12.2018 Download Download
24/25.12.2018 Download Download
26.12.2018 Download Download
27.12.2018 Download Download
28.12.2018 Download Download
29.12.2018 Download Download
30.12.2018 Download Download
31.12.2018 Download Download

November 2018 Monthly Current Affairs

Date Tamil English
01.11.2018 Download Download
02.11.2018 Download Download
03/04.11.2018 Download Download
05/06.11.2018 Download Download
07.11.2018 Download Download
08/09/10.11.2018 Download Download
11.11.2018 Download Download
12/13.11.2018 Download Download
14.11.2018 Download Download
15.11.2018 Download Download
16.11.2018 Download Download
17.11.2018 Download Download
18.11.2018 Download Download
19/20.11.2018 Download Download
21.11.2018 Download Download
22.11.2018 Download Download
23.11.2018 Download Download
24.11.2018 Download Download
25/26.11.2018 Download Download
27.11.2018 Download Download
28.11.2018 Download Download
29.11.2018 Download Download
30.11.2018 Download Download

October 2018 Full Month Current Affairs

September 2018 Full Month Current Affairs

August 2018 Full Month Current Affairs

July Current Affairs Pdf 2018

June Current Affairs Pdf 2018

May Current Affairs Pdf 2018

April Current Affairs Pdf 2018

March Current Affairs Pdf 2018

February 2018 CA Pdf Download

Current Affairs January 2018 Pdf Download

December 2017 Monthly CA Pdf

November 2017 Monthly CA Pdf 

Tnpsc Current Affairs Online Model Test

Tnpsc Current Affairs Online Model Test – Free Online Test is uploaded here for Tnpsc aspirant’s effective preparation. These tests are objective type questions with 4 options like Tnpsc exams. If you are attend this test you can feel real time exam and improve your knowledge. By attending these question you can reduce your failures also this questions are collected from previous year Tnpsc exams and Based on expected questions. Upcoming days we will upload all subjects here.

Tnpsc Current Affairs Model Test

Section Wise Current Affairs Pdf

Analysis of Tnpsc current affairs

As per upcoming Tnpsc group 1 exam, We are giving analysis here. 35 to 40 questions are asked from current affairs section in every Tnpsc group exams.

As per upcoming Tnpsc group 2, 2A, 4, VAO exam, We are giving analysis here. 15 to 20 questions are asked from current affairs section in every Tnpsc group exams.

Tnpsc Monthly Current Affairs

Last One Year Current Affairs

Last 6 Months Current Affairs


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