Samacheer Kalvi Books Pdf

5th Std Maths Book English Medium Pdf – How to Download?

5th Std Maths Book English Medium Pdf – How to Download? 

Dear Students 5th Std Samacheer Kalvi Maths Book English Medium Pdf is available here for your Studies and Competitive Exam Preparation. You can Download from below provided direct Link. All the three terms were merged in single file.

5th Std Maths Book English Medium Pdf

5th Std Maths Science Social Science Book Term 1 English Medium

5th Std Maths Science Social Science Book Term 2 English Medium

5th Std Maths Science Social Science Book Term 3 English Medium

5th Std Samacheer Kalvi Books Pdf


SAMACHEER  books play the important role in TNPSC examinations. It is the vital role in all the cadre examination including the GROUP 1 exam. These samacheer books are the books issued and published by the Tamilnadu state government in the education department. The maximum no of questions are framed and asked from the samacheer books only. So it makes one to score maximum marks indeed.

In 2020 NEET examination, the question asked were about 95% from the samacheer books only. Samacheer books act as the basic for all the state and central government jobs, in which the direct questions are asked. It contains all the information regarding the topics and one can expect the majority of questions being asked from this sector. Instead of buying and studying any private institution study material, one must without any choice choose the samacheer books as their basic guide.

BOOKS REQUIRED: The books that are needed to study the topics covering TNPSC syllabus is from CLASS VI TO CLASS XII.

EXPECTED QUESTIONS: 70 -80% of the question paper can be expected as direct questions from the samacheer books only.


The Tamilnadu government has introduced a revised and a new syllabus for all the standards corresponding to the consecutive academic years. This updation of syllabus corresponds to all the standards that include 1st,2nd,3rd,4th,5th,6th,7th,8th,9th,10th,11th and 12th. All these revised syllabus are not done at once. The updation is done in slow manner categorized for three years, that includes four standards a year. This newly revised syllabus is more or less equal to a CBSE board syllabus. They  have increased the level of standard and made the textbooks with an ease of understanding.

  • In the academic year of 2018- 2019, the standards 1st,6th,9th and 11th were changed.
  • In the academic year 2019- 2020, the standards 2nd,7th,10th and 12th were changed.
  • In the academic year 2020- 2021,the standards 3rd, 4th,5thand 8th were changed.

TNPSC ASPIRANTS  are to carefully download or collect the samacheer books for updated syllabus. As a Tnpsc aspirant, we should cover all the topics that are included in the updated syllabus which will be of high importance too.


  1. Go to the e-service center run by the Tamilnadu government.
  2. Check the availability of books according to the requirement of yours.
  3. Choose your book and download it.


Just click on the given link and move to the website –


Winmeen is a platform in which students of Tnpsc aspirants can get all the materials and guidelines in a very easy and informative manner. We provide you with all the necessary information and materials you need while your preparation.

We provide the New samacheer books based mock tests lesson wise. This applies from standard VI to standard XII, as per the revised and new syllabus updated. We provide you line by line questions taken from the syllabus books. This will help you revise the syllabus and understand the concepts regarding the subject in a much easier way.

Though we study a lot, it is mandatory for everyone to attend and practice mock tests and lesson test. It is there we can find out the mistakes and improvise ourselves by rectifying in it the future. Make use of this great opportunity in your deterministic preparation. This will help you grow to a higher level and crack the exams easily.


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