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Tnpsc Current Affairs in English – 23rd May 2024

1. What is the primary objective of the Scheme for Care and Support to Victims?

A. To provide financial support for education

B. To offer integrated support and assistance to minor pregnant girl child victims

C. To provide vocational training to minor girls

D. To ensure safety and security in schools

  • There are many gaps in the Scheme for Care and Support to Victims. The Scheme for Care and Support to Victims by the Ministry of Women and Child Development aids minor pregnant girl child victims under the POCSO Act.
  • Funded by the Nirbhaya Fund, it offers integrated support from case reporting until age 18, with possible aftercare until 23. Features include health insurance, legal aid, and financial assistance of ₹6,000 initially and ₹4,000 monthly under Mission Vatsalya.

2. Recently, which prison received the Biodiversity Conservation Award, constituted by the Andhra Pradesh State Biodiversity Board (APSBB)?

A. Kadapa Central Prison

B. Rajahmundry Central Prison

C. Nellore Central Prison

D. Visakhapatnam Central Prison

  • Rajahmundry Central Prison was honored with the Biodiversity Conservation Award by Andhra Pradesh State Biodiversity Board. The recognition applauds the prison’s eco-friendly initiatives, including groundwater preservation, natural farming, and crafting with natural materials. State Biodiversity Boards, mandated by the Biological Diversity Act, 2002, are present in all states but not in Union territories, where the National Biodiversity Authority acts as their counterpart.

3. Emblica Chakrabarti, a new plant species, recently discovered in which district of Kerala?

A. Ernakulam

B. Kozhikode

C. Kasaragod

D. Kollam

  • A new plant species, Emblica Chakrabarti, was found in Kerala’s Ernakulam district, specifically in Adichilthotti within the Edamalayar forest range. Belonging to the Phyllanthaceae family, Emblica plants typically thrive as shrubs in tropical rainforests, reaching up to 2 meters in height. They flower and bear fruit from December to June. This discovery adds to the biodiversity of the region, highlighting its ecological significance.

4. What is the rank of India in the World Economic Forum’s Travel & Tourism Development Index 2024?

A. 35

B. 39

C. 45

D. 50

  • In 2024, India rose to 39th place on the World Economic Forum’s Travel & Tourism Development Index, indicating a post-pandemic tourism revival. The US tops the list, with India leading in South Asia and among lower-middle-income nations. Improved infrastructure and resources fuel India’s travel sustainability. Previously 54th in 2021, changes in index parameters affect comparability. The top five includes US, Spain, Japan, France, and Australia.

5. Recently, which state government has reserved 33% of government contract jobs for women?

A. Tamil Nadu

B. Karnataka

C. Maharashtra

D. Kerala

  • The Karnataka government mandates a 33% reservation for women in outsourced government services and posts, aligning with the existing quota policy for permanent positions. This reservation is within the stipulated quota for SC/ST and other backward communities, ensuring women’s representation in outsourced jobs across various government departments and organizations.

6. What is the theme of ‘International Day for Biological Diversity 2024’?

A. Be part of the Plan

B. We’re part of the solution #ForNature

C. From Agreement to Action: Build Back Biodiversity

D. Building a shared future for all life

  • Biodiversity, essential for human well-being, was first coined by Walter G Rosen in 1985. It faces threats like habitat loss, pollution, and climate change, leading to species extinction and ecosystem degradation. The 2024 International Day of Biodiversity on May 22 highlights the theme “Be Part of the Plan”.

7. What is the primary objective of the PM-WANI scheme?

A. To provide free laptops to students

B. To provide affordable and high-speed internet connectivity to rural and remote areas

C. To improve mobile network coverage in urban areas

D. To promote digital payment systems

  • Public Wi-Fi hotspots under the Prime Minister Wi-Fi Access Network Interface (PM-WANI) scheme are nearing 200,000 in India. Launched in December 2020 by the Department of Telecommunications, PM-WANI aims to provide affordable, high-speed internet in rural and remote areas. The scheme establishes a public Wi-Fi network using Wi-Fi Access Points set up by Public Data Offices (PDOs), which operate on an open-architecture system, enabling multiple service providers to offer internet services.

8. What is ‘Naegleria Fowleri’?

A. Amoeba

B. Invasive weed

C. Protein

D. Asteroid

  • A girl from Malappuram, Kerala, recently died from a Naegleria fowleri infection. This amoeba, found in soil and warm freshwater, causes Primary Amoebic Meningoencephalitis (PAM) if it reaches the brain through the nose. Known as the “brain-eating amoeba,” Naegleria fowleri infections are rare but almost always fatal, destroying brain tissue once infection occurs.

9. Chandru G, who recently clinched the WBC India Cruiserweight Championship title, belongs to which state?

A. Tamil Nadu

B. Kerala

C. Bihar

D. Punjab

  • Tamil Nadu’s Chandru G won the WBC India Cruiserweight Championship with a fourth-round knockout of Jaskaran Singh from Punjab. Chandru, entering with a 10-0 record, overcame a slow start and Jaskaran’s height advantage. By the second round, he dominated with heavy combinations. A decisive right cross in the fourth round led to the referee stopping the fight. Chandru dedicated the victory to his supporters and Tamil Nadu.

10. Gangamma Jatara, a folk festival, recently celebrated in which state?

A. Odisha

B. Kerala

C. Andhra Pradesh

D. Karnataka

  • The week-long annual Gangamma Jatara folk festival, celebrated in the first half of May, is a significant event in Tirupati, Andhra Pradesh. Honoring Goddess Gangamma, believed to be Lord Venkateswara’s younger sister, the festival attracts devotees to the Tataiahgunta Gangamma temple. Unique traditions include the Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanam sending a symbolic birthday gift, “Parisu,” from Lord Venkateswara to Goddess Gangamma.

11. Recently, which country has hosted the 46th Antarctic Treaty Consultative Meeting in Kochi?

A. India

B. Australia

C. France

D. Russia

  • India hosted the 46th Antarctic Treaty Consultative Meeting (ATCM 46) in Kochi, organized by the National Centre for Polar and Ocean Research and the Ministry of Earth Sciences. ATCM is an annual meeting of the 1959 Antarctic Treaty’s signatories. India introduced a new working group to regulate tourism and protect Antarctica’s ecosystem. Representatives from 56 member countries attended, marking India’s first-time hosting since 2007.

12. Which ministry has recently proposed new rules for radar speed guns used to measure vehicle speeds on roads?

A. Ministry of Consumer Affairs

B. Ministry of MSME

C. Ministry of Road Transport and Highways

D. Ministry of Defence

  • The Consumer Affairs Ministry has proposed new rules for radar speed guns. Radar equipment must be verified and stamped within a year of installation. Existing equipment requires re-verification when due.

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