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Tnpsc Current Affairs in English – 25th and 26th May 2024

1. What is ‘Planetary Alignment’?

A. It is a term used to describe the positioning of planets in solar system

B. A rare celestial event involving black hole

C. It is used to describe about distance between earth and moon

D. None of the above

  • Next month, on June 3, six planets—Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune—will align in the sky. This alignment, an optical illusion of perspective, will be visible from Earth. Mars and Saturn will be visible to the naked eye, though dimly, while Uranus and Neptune will require telescopes or binoculars. Mercury and Jupiter will be hard to see due to their proximity to the Sun. Planetary alignment refers to the illusion of planets forming a line in space when viewed from a specific vantage point, rather than being perfectly aligned.

2. Which day is observed as ‘World Preeclampsia Day’ annually?

A. 22 May

B. 23 May

C. 24 May

D. 25 May

  • World Preeclampsia Day, on May 22nd, raises awareness of the life-threatening pregnancy complication. Preeclampsia, occurring after the 20th week of pregnancy or postpartum, involves dangerously high blood pressure and organ issues. It stems from placental health problems. Symptoms include hypertension, protein in urine, and swelling. It poses risks to both mother and fetus, possibly leading to preterm birth or death

3. Which country recently conducted a successful test of the ASMPA supersonic cruise missile?

A. Russia

B. France

C. Japan

D. China

  • France recently achieved a milestone in defense with successful testing of ASMPA supersonic missile, capable of carrying a nuclear warhead. ASMP/ASMP-A is a land-attack supersonic cruise missile, vital to France’s nuclear deterrence. ASMP-A, operational since 2009, has a range of 500 km and a 300 kt thermonuclear warhead. ASMPA-R, a renovated version, aims to enhance range and warhead capability.

4. What is ‘Ferroptosis’?

A. Invasive plant

B. A type of virus

C. A form of regulated cell death

D. A type of submarine

  • A recent study reveals that ferroptosis drives COVID-19 lung disease. Ferroptosis, distinct from apoptosis, results from lipid peroxide buildup on cell membranes. This form of cell death relies on iron and involves reduced glutathione and glutathione peroxidase activity, amplifying lipid peroxidation. Understanding ferroptosis could offer insights into combating COVID-19 lung damage.

5. Mrugavani National Park is located in which state?

A. Telangana

B. Maharashtra

C. Rajasthan

D. Kerala

  • Telangana Forest Department informed NGT that the area of MNP in Chilkur was reduced by 80 hectares on paper. NGT was hearing a case concerning extra high-tension electrical lines through the eco-sensitive zone. MNP, located in Hyderabad, Telangana, boasts tropical waterless deciduous forest, including Teak, Bamboo, and Sandal. Its fauna includes Spotted deer, Indian hare, forest cat, civet, Indian rat snake, Russell’s viper, cheetal, and the flowerpecker bird.

6. What is the name of the Artificial Intelligence (AI) anchor, recently launched by Doordarshan on its DD Kisan channel?

A. Kaveri and Saryu

B. Vikas and Fasal

C. Krish and Bhoomi

D. Ganga and Vriksh

  • India’s public broadcaster Doordarshan’s DD Kisan channel launched two AI anchors, Krish and Bhoomi. The channel, broadcasting in 50 languages, pioneers the use of AI anchors for agricultural updates, weather forecasts, and research news. These computer-based anchors, resembling humans, operate continuously without fatigue. This initiative mirrors global trends, following China’s introduction of AI news anchors in 2018, and India’s earlier introduction on Aaj Tak in 2023.

7. Arti, who recently received the Amal Clooney Women’s Empowerment Award, belongs to which district of Uttar Pradesh?

A. Unnao

B. Raebareli

C. Bahraich

D. Saharanpur

  • Arti, an 18-year-old E-rickshaw driver from Uttar Pradesh’s Bahraich district, received the Amal Clooney Women’s Empowerment Award from King Charles III at Buckingham Palace. She arrived in her Pink E-rickshaw, provided under UP’s Mission Shakti scheme. Sponsored by Prince Trust International, the award recognizes young women’s achievements despite challenges.

8. According to the World Steel Association, which is the only country among the world’s top steel producing nations to see growth in production in April 2024?

A. China

B. India

C. Russia

D. Japan

  • India stands out as the only top-five crude steel-producing country to exhibit growth in April 2024, recording a 3.9% increase compared to April 2023, reaching 12.1 million tonnes. This growth contrasts with the global decline of 5.0%, totaling 155.7 million tonnes. China, the largest producer, experienced a 7.2% decrease, while Japan, the USA, and Russia also faced declines.

9. Recently, which armed force conducted a ‘Pollution Response Seminar & Mock Drill’ in West Bengal?

A. Indian Coast Guard

B. Indian Air Force

C. Indian Navy

D. National Security Guard

  • Indian Coast Guard (ICG) hosts ‘Pollution Response Seminar and Mock Drill’ at Haldia, West Bengal on May 22-23, 2024. Key stakeholders and oil handling agencies collaborate to combat sea oil spills.
  • Table-top exercises enhance response capabilities. State-of-the-art equipment demos improve readiness. Commander stresses synergy for effective implementation of National Oil Spill Disaster Contingency Plan. Collective responsibility to protect marine resources emphasized, reaffirming ICG commitment to safer seas and cleaner coasts.

10. Dombivli Boiler Blast, a tragic incident, recently happened in which state?

A. Tamil Nadu

B. Kerala

C. Maharashtra

D. Gujarat

  • A boiler blast at a Dombivali, Maharashtra chemical company killed 8 and injured 60. Over the past decade, India reported 130 significant chemical accidents, resulting in 259 deaths and 563 injuries, per NDMA. Notable incidents include the Bhopal Gas Tragedy (1984), Visakhapatnam Gas Leak (2020), Chennai Oil Spill (2017), and Neyveli Boiler Blast (2020). Key factors: poor safety regulations, lack of training, equipment failure, and inadequate emergency preparedness.

11. Recently, which organization successfully utilized the REJUPAVE road construction technology in Ladakh under Project Vijayak?

A. National Highways Authority of India (NHAI)

B. Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO)

C. Border Roads Organisation (BRO)

D. Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO)

  • In Ladakh, the BRO’s Project Vijayak used REJUPAVE technology, developed by CSIR-CRRI, to build high-altitude bituminous roads on the Drass-Umbala-Sankoo Road in Drass, the world’s second coldest inhabited place. REJUPAVE, made from biomass and renewable resources, reduces heating needs and maintains temperature during transit.

12. Recently, the world’s first 100% biodegradable pen has been launched in which country?

A. India

B. Nepal

C. Myanmar

D. Bhutan

  • Over 50 billion ballpoint pens are trashed yearly, with 95% made of plastic. Saurabh H Mehta from New Delhi created the world’s first 100% biodegradable pen. He founded bioQ, focusing on eco-friendly stationery, and launched NOTE (No Offence to Earth) to eliminate plastic in pens. The NOTE pen features a recycled paper refill, non-toxic ink, and a removable metal tip, exploring materials like paper tubes, bamboo, and metal for its exterior.

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