Tnpsc Group 2 Interview Post Prelims Exam Cutoff Marks Expected & Previous Year

Tnpsc Group 2 Interview Post Prelims Exam Cutoff Marks Expected & Previous Year

Tnpsc Group 2 Interview Post Prelims Exam Cutoff Marks Expected & Previous Year: Dear Tnpsc Aspirants, Here you can find details about Tnpsc Group 2 Interview Post Prelims Exam Cutoff Marks –  2015 & 2018. Previous year Tnpsc Group 2 Interview Post Prelims Exam Cutoff Marks are also updated below.

Tnpsc group 2 exam previously conducted in 2015. The group 2 prelims cut off of the year 2015 is around 140 to 150 questions. This year 2018, We have Huge competition, so our expected cut off is Above 155+ questions out of 200 questions.

கடந்த ஆண்டு நடைபெற்ற குரூப் 2எ மற்றும் இந்த ஆண்டு நடந்த குரூப் 4 தேர்வுகளை காட்டிலும் 2018 குரூப் 2 தேர்வு மிகவும் எளிமையாக இருந்ததால், கட் ஆப் 155+ கேள்விகளாக அமையும். இது ஒரு உத்தேசமான கணிப்பு தான். 1:10 விகிதத்தில் 11000 முதல் 12000 பேர் முதன்மை தேர்வுக்கு தகுதி பெறுவார்கள். எனவே 140 + கேள்விகளுக்கு மேல் சரியாக விடையளித்த அனைவரும் முதன்மை தேர்வுக்கு தயார் ஆகலாம்.

140 கேள்விகளுக்கு குறைவாக எடுத்த மாணவர்களும் அடுத்தடுத்த தேர்வுகளுக்கு படிக்க துவங்கலாம். உங்களுக்கான மிகப்பெரிய பணி விரைவில் வரவிருக்கிறது. இன்றிலிருந்தே படிக்க துவங்குங்கள். வெற்றி நமதே.

Exam Tnpsc Group 2
Previous Year Tnpsc Group 2 Cutoff – 2015 140 to 150 Questions / 200 Questions
This Year Tnpsc Group 2 Cutoff – 2018 155+ Questions / 200 Questions

TNPSC Group-2 2018 Expected Cut off Marks Prediction
Category Male Female
General 155+ 153+
BC 150+ 148+
MBC 148+ 146+
BC(M) 146+ 144+
SC 144+ 142+
SC(A) 142+ 140+
ST 140+ 138+
Note: For PSTM deduct around 2-3 Ques in the respective Category.
For PH deduct around 7-9 Ques in the respective category.

Tnpsc Group 2 Syllabus Exam Pattern

Tnpsc Group 2 Previous Papers


  1. sir gp 2 cut off mark solunga

  2. 140 / 200 is possible

  3. Hi priya, 140 is 90 persent selected for you, depend upon your community

  4. 141/200 sca possible

  5. i have attend 152 questions
    is it possible to go to main exam

  6. 135 /200 – MBC physically handicapped.. is there any chance ?

  7. Sir I got 145/200 bc. Am I eligible for mains

  8. 140/200 and MBC . Is it possible for clearing ?

  9. 149 qus. MBC male with pstm Varunma sir

  10. I m score 146/200 Tamil medium. Am I eligible for main

  11. Mam I got 146 questions correct and I am BC Tamil medium. Will I clear

  12. K.Tamil selvan 155/200. SC candidate
    varuma sir

  13. I’m 150 questions correct with MBC…
    am I eligible?…
    But you are saying 155 as cut off

  14. Bcm women with 140 questions correct. Will I pass

  15. Sir bc women 145 chances iruka plz reply

  16. Sir 145 /200 questions MBC female. Whether Chance is there ah Sir??

  17. Sir I scored 141/200 bc female possible for next level

  18. 145 qns correct MBC is there any chance to clear prelims.. Sir reply me

  19. Sir, I am BC Muslim Female.. for 140 questions correct. Any chance to pass. Can I prepare for mains

  20. Sir i have scored 154 questions and bc woman candidate. Shall i pass in prelims?

  21. Sir i have scored 154 questions and bc woman candidate. Shall i pass?

  22. I have scored 140 questions in g2 2018. I am BC female pstm certificate.mains any chance for me?

  23. Sir I scored 152 question pstm BC. Possible to enter mains

  24. sir I scored 130 . .sc female . . any chance ???

  25. Sir, I scored 143 question attended am from BC community is any chances

  26. I got 144…am a female candidate and i belongs to BC ommunity…do i have any possibility???

  27. I got I47 out of 200.. I’m an sc candidate.Female.
    Any chance to clear the prelims exam.

  28. Sir I got 152 questions correct shall I start preparing for mains?

  29. sir, i scored 141 questions .. sca male .. any possibility to clear priliminary exam?

  30. 158 mbc possible for mains

  31. 140/200 bc pstm female mainsku prepare agalama sir?

  32. 131 question correct. I m BC .is it chances for clearing group 2 prelims?

  33. sir, i got 141 questions sca male .any possibility to clear priliminary exam?

  34. I got 152 questions crt shall i start preparing for mains

  35. Sir i got 142 bc female..shall i start preparing for mains

  36. 157/200 sc female any chance to select in prelims?

  37. Sir 157 questions correct shall I prepare for mains.

  38. i am muthu i got 145 questions correct i am also mbc category

  39. muthu i got 145 questions coreect i am also mbc

  40. I scored 136 am sc female. Shall I prepare for mains?

  41. 135/200 ST women possible iruka???

  42. Sir 148 MBC female.any chance for mains gr 2 .

  43. I got 148/200 bc male if it’s possible sir

  44. I got 148/200 ,sc ,female with pstm .if any possible to enter main exam

  45. I got 150 in group2 exam..I blong to mbc..shall I prepare for mains

  46. Sir main examku community wise ratio allot pannuvankala

  47. In the group 2 exam, For the post of assistant section officer in law department at secretariat Candidate must have a degree in law. In which manner cut off marks is fixed for this post..???

  48. sir I am bc w pstm 157/200

  49. 155/200 is possible school category

  50. 135/200 ST Female…any chance?

  51. sir I got 116/200 bc female is there any chance to go to mains?

  52. sir I got 116/200 bc female is there any chance to go to mains?

  53. I have scored mark 150/200. Sc b. A Tamil major evvalavu cut off Varum sir.

  54. Sir, I’m 141/200 MBC Male (PSTM) Any Chances is there?

  55. I got 140 female bc…is there any chances sir..???

  56. 146/200… SC any possible

  57. sir i got 140 male bc… is there any chance sir

  58. Respected sir,tnpsc group 2 prelimsla oru question ku wrong answer apply panniten.later. later whitener apply panni vera oru answer apply panen.athanala ennoda oMr reject panniduvangala sir.I fully mark 170/200 please answer me sir

    • no worries that whitner marked question only rejected. remaining questions will get evaluated. dont worry. definetly u will get selected for mains

  59. I am scored 145 out of 200. I am bc male pstm M.A . Chance iruka mains ku.

  60. 150 question I am kali

  61. Respected sir
    200 question shade Pannama OMR la 000 nu shade Panna ethum prlm varuma sir

  62. 158/200. SC category. No pstm. Question paper is easy compare to previous year. So, is it possible to get selected for mains for the mark shown above?

  63. I have anwered correctly for 108 questions out of 200 ..I belong to SC category any possibility.

  64. Sir i am bc women pstm 156 correct any chance

  65. sir iam 140 sc possible for main

  66. sir 133/200 sca+pstm eligible to main sir!!!

  67. sir i got 175/300,,,can i go to mains?

  68. I got 134 mbc female any chance for main?

  69. sir..i got 147/200 in prelims comes under MBC…any chance for mains ?

  70. I’m bc female 149/200. Shall I start for preparing mains?

  71. Sir I am correct answer in 143/200 mbc pstm mains varuma sir please tell me

  72. I got 152 in group 2 in any possible

  73. sir am 100/200 question correct. am ex-servive man if possible?

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