Best Tnpsc Online Coaching Center Guidance Join Today Free & Paid Tnpsc Online Coaching Academy

Best Tnpsc Online Coaching Center Guidance Join Today Free & Paid Tnpsc Online Coaching Academy

If you are searching for the Best Tnpsc Online Coaching Center Guidance, Here we have answer – that is our Winmeen. Winmeen Tnpsc Online Coaching has been started by the Winmeen Team with their 6 years of experience and 5 Years of online Guidance. The New Way of cracking Tnpsc exam is now made easy by Our Winmeen through Our Online Paid Coaching and Guidance. We are assure that you will be selected in Tnpsc Govt Job with our Online Tips, Tricks and Shortcuts.

6th to 12th Samacheer Lesson Wise Notes and Online Test

Daily Notes + Daily Test

Admin – 6385150514

Pay Rs 5000/- For Winmeen Group 1 2 4 VAO Online Coaching

Whatsapp Group

Sample Notes + Online Test

9th Social Science Lesson 1 Notes in Tamil

மனிதப் பரிணாம வளர்ச்சியும் சமூகமும், வரலாற்றுக்கு முந்தைய காலம் Online Test

9th Social Science Lesson 1 Questions in Tamil


9th Social Science Lesson 1 Notes in English

Evolution of Humans and Society – Prehistoric Period Online Test

9th Social Science Lesson 1 Questions in English

Winmeen Group 1, 2, 2A, 4 & VAO Online Coaching


எங்களுடைய பயிற்சியுடன் இணைப்பாக ஆன்லைன் டெஸ்ட் இணைத்துள்ளோம்கட்டணம் – 5000 ரூபாய் மட்டுமே. [ Complete Study Materials + Topic Wise Online Test ]

எவ்வளவு படித்தாலும் பயிற்சி இல்லாமல் ஒன்றும் பயனில்லை.

சமீபத்திய புதிய வினாக்களை  பயிற்சி செய்து அதிக மதிப்பெண்கள் பெறுங்கள்.

Only 5000 Rs/-

Join Today

Syllabus Topic wise/ Samacheer Lesson wise Study materials [Degree Standard Materials] + Syllabus Topic wise/ Samacheer Lesson wise Online Tests (Join Today).

6th to 12th Lesson Wise Notes and Online Test

Daily Notes + Daily Test

Group 1 Posts

1] Deputy Collector – DC

2] Deputy Superintendent of Police – DSP

3] Assistant Commissioner – AC

4] District Registrar

5] District Employment Officer – DEO

6] District Officer (Fire and Rescue Service)

Group 2 Posts

1] Deputy Commercial Tax Officer

2] Sub Registrar, Grade-II

3] Probation Officer in Prison Department

4] Junior Employment Officer

5] Special Assistant in the Vigilance and Anti corruption Department

6] Special Branch Assistant in Intelligence Wing of the Police Department

7] Assistant Section Officer in TNPSC

8] Assistant Inspector in Local Fund Audit Department

9] Audit Inspector in the Audit Wing of Hindu Religious and Charitable Endowments Administration Department

10] Supervisor of Industrial Co-operatives in the Industries and Commerce Department

11] Senior Inspector of Co-operative Societies in Department of Registrar of Co-operative Societies

12] Revenue Assistant

13] Executive Officer, Grade-II in Town Panchayats Department

Group 4 Posts

1] Junior Assistant

2] VAO – Village Administrative Officer

Winmeen Tnpsc Online Paid Coaching & Guidance

Fees – 5000/- Rs

Duration – Life time

பிடிஎப் + Online Test மூலமாக பயிற்சி வழங்கப்படும்.

Exams – Tnpsc Group 1, 2, 2A, 4 & VAO

[பட்டப்படிப்பு தரம்]

[ தமிழ் மற்றும் ஆங்கிலத்தில் ]

Pay Rs 5000/- For Winmeen Group 1 2 & 4 vaoOnline Coaching

What we are providing through Our Tnpsc Coaching?

Providing Study Materials:

  • Study Materials For Each and Every Syllabus Topics
  • Online Test For Each and Every Syllabus Topics
  • Whatsapp Support for Important Doubts Clearance
  • Our Experience + Full Guidance
  • Complete Question Analysis
  • Tips, Tricks & Shortcut Methods

Note: (Daily Pdf & Online Test Link will be send to provided whatsapp number or Mail Id)

Pay Rs 5000/- For Winmeen Group 1 2 & 4 vao Online Coaching

Interested Persons, Message Following Details to Below Whatsapp Number


Preparing Exam:



Send These Details to Our Whatsapp Number – 6385150514

இந்த பயிற்சி முழுமையாக பிடிஎப் மற்றும் ஆன்லைன் டெஸ்ட் சார்ந்துதான் இருக்கும். உங்கள் சந்தேகங்களுக்கு வாட்ஸாப்ப் மூலமாக ஆராய்ந்து பதில் அளிக்கப்படும்.

It is a coaching fully based on our analysis of every topics and it is given to u as Pdf and Online Test Daily.

இந்த பயிற்சி தனியார் நிறுவனங்களில் பணிபுரிவோருக்கும், இல்லத்தரசிகளுக்கும் மிகவும் பயனுள்ளதாக இருக்கும். எளிமையான விளக்கங்களுடன் முழுமையான பாடத்திட்டமும் கவர் செய்யப்படும். தினமும் நீங்கள் படிப்பதன் மூலம் எளிமையாக அதிக மதிப்பெண்கள் எடுப்பதற்கு உதவிகரமாக இருக்கும்.

Our Coaching will help you for all those who are working in private sectors, House Wives and beginners of Tnpsc and First Time preparing Students.

கேள்விகள் எப்படி எங்கிருந்து கேட்கப்படும் மற்றும் அதற்கான டிப்ஸ், ஷார்ட்கட்ஸ் அனைத்தும் தரப்படும். உங்களுக்கு அனைத்து பாடக்குறிப்புகள் பிடிஏபிலும் வருவதால் மற்ற நேரங்களிலும் நீங்களாக படிக்கலாம்.

நான்கு வருட எங்களது அனுபவம் உங்களுக்கு நிச்சயமாக தேவைப்படும். முதல் முறை தேர்விற்கு தயார் செய்வதாக இருந்தாலும் மிக மிக உதவியாக இருக்கும். சமசீர் புத்தகம் அடிப்படையில் அனைத்து பாடக்குறிப்புகளும் தயார் செய்யப்படும்.

Interested Persons Message Following Details to Below Whatsapp Number


Preparing Exam:



Send These Details to Our Whatsapp Number – 6385150514

Pay Rs 5000/- For Winmeen Group 1 2 4 & vao Online Coaching

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  1. For vao exam, If i want to study civics, geography, maths in english language and other subject in tamil language, it is possible to provide materials in this wise in your online course sir?

  2. sir, i hv sent my details to the above no. but didn’t get any details

  3. I am final year student I will eligible for group 1 exam


  5. Is this for group 2 prelims and mains or only for prelims

  6. Is this for group 2 prelims and mains or only for prelims

  7. I’am Nathan group 2 exam & group 1 tamil study material can , i’m now work malaysia MCA completed ,coach when your star date , my office duty hours malaysia time 9am to 5pm, free time study can???

  8. i have paid the amount but i didn’t receive any acknowlegement

  9. Sir what is the tnpsc group 1 2018 notification age is 35 in april 2018.can i eligible for this exam.please reply

  10. Dear sir,

    Coming group 2 interview post, details of mains exam. Bec so many friends, and some institute telling, only prelims exam. So clear that dout it’s here only prelims, or mains also.

  11. Super but tamil and english current affairs send

  12. Sir l am serving in indian army now age is 39 yrs intrested in group 1 dsp Post. Please clerify the age limits and qulification details.

  13. Sir i am willing to join online coaching but admin mobile number not responding do needful

  14. Sir I want details online coaching, it is only for prelims or both prelims and mains pls reply

  15. I contacted in WhatsApp.
    I need to prepare for long term group 1 for future vacancies.
    My target is after 1 or 2 years of self preparation.

    Kindly please reply or send email regarding your online coaching.

  16. I used winmeen app and all the I want all the Tamil elakkanam notes very argent sir.especially veettrumaikal

  17. group-1 exam date: announced this dec.. or january because now am working in qatar. am coming in march..
    if exam conducted march i will prepar the exam..

  18. sir.. TNUSRB SI ku online coaching and daily test iruka

  19. sir… TNUSRB si ku online coaching iruka … epdi join panrathu

  20. What is the validity life if am paying 5000rs.

  21. Sir I registered for Assistant engineer in industries department… I am BE mechanical engineer… Date of exam 03.02.2019…i need to prepare for this peritural exam….u have individual material & tips & short cuts for this exam… so please clarify me

  22. Please join me

  23. hiiii this is m. syed mariyam from department of microbiology i registered for teaching side in science (biology) so please join me to this online test course thank you

  24. Hi: I am aged 39 and would like to prepare for TNPSC Group II preliminary and Group II non-interview posts. If I study only your materials, will it be enough to crack the exam because I cannot get access to all the books as I finished my studies in 1999. How do you train for aptitude. Do you provide both general tamil and general english. I am right now very serious about creating my career now. Please leave a reply.

  25. Please upload march 2019 monthly current affairs

  26. will u provide notes fr TNEB – basic engineering & mathematics

  27. Sir, i have 3 years diploma finished. Nan group 2 exam apply panna mudiyuma…… …….

  28. Hi ,
    I need to know the online class for TNPSC group 2 exam.How can i get the details about the class.

  29. AM PREPARING FOR VAO but am afraid of maths what should have to cover topics

  30. Is winmeen working now
    How to contact you
    Shall i join in winmeen

  31. Hi Sir,
    Is notes updated for new syllabus – Group 1?
    And is the group & coaching active?

  32. Sir I am now job less i want free coaching for G2,G2A,VAO and G4 .My whatsapp number 8675924338

  33. Any fees concession for differently abled persons

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