Tips, Tricks and Shortcuts to crack Maths aptitude mental ability section in TNPSC Exam

Tips, Tricks and Shortcuts to crack Maths aptitude mental ability section in TNPSC Exam

Hey readers, this is the special post for the aspirants who are preparing for the competitive examinations. Mathematics is one of the topics in the TNPSC examination, which creates fear in TNPSC aspirants. Aspirants study well, have good memory power, but they feel worry about the Mathematics topics. 25 questions were asked from the Mathematics topics in the TNPSC examination and it is the big headache for them. To crack the competitive examinations, one should score minimum of 20 marks out of 25. If we get the marks below 20, your chance to get Government job will be less.

If we score 24 out of 25, it is best

If we score 20 out of 25, it is good

If we score 15 out of 25, it is bad

If we score 10 out of 25, it is worst

Mostly, aspirants who missed the chance to get Government job in 2 or 3 marks will be the person whom answered correctly 15 to 18 questions in Mathematics.

How to score good marks in Mathematics?

1) Aspirants who are preparing for the competitive examinations must know the fact that no one can be an expert in all subjects. Everyone is an expert in particular subject.

2) Don’t think Mathematics is very tough subject, I am weak, etc. Remove this type of negative thoughts from you about the Mathematics subject.

3) TNPSC Mathematics topic is very easy when compared to the other competitive examinations like RRB, Bank PO, etc. Don’t think Mathematics as Devil. This creates a fake image and makes a distance to Mathematics Topics. The truth is that Mathematics is an easy topic in the TNPSC examinations.

4) Usually, we create a distance to the Maths topic. Due to this, we fail to learn the simple topic in Mathematics (ex. Average, medium, mean, HCF and LCM). Just search and learn the techniques in the listed topic and you will come to know that Mathematics is an easiest subject. Aspirants can also get the study material for the above topics on our site.

5) Before starting the preparation in Mathematics subject, start from the easiest topic. This will create confidence and hope in you. Like that, slowly go for the preparation of the tough topic in Mathematics.

6) Start practising the TNPSC previous year question papers from the year 2012. This will be helpful to answer 2 to 4 questions in the competitive examinations. Aspirants can also know about the time management by practising the TNPSC model question papers.

7) If you think you are weak in Mathematics subjects, don’t get sad. Just start the preparation of the expert subject. Concentrate more in language subject and prepare to get 95 % marks in the expert subject.

8) If you are good at memorising, you should study the sections like Language, Science, History, Geography, Economics, Current Affairs, Indian Politics, and India National Movement etc except Mathematics sections. Don’t try to omit any topics from the above listed sections. By preparing these topics, aspirants can atleast balance their marks in Mathematics subjects.

9) Keep in mind that you would get good marks by your less effort in preparing for the Mathematics section. If you avoid the Mathematics section, aspirants of TNPSC examination must do hard work in remaining sections.

10) Before answering the questions in the Mathematics Sections, you should read the question two or three times carefully. First, understand the question that what to find in it and you must be clear in this.

We hope that now Mathematics is one of the easiest sections for you. If you find this useful, share with your friends. Like us on facebook to get useful TNPSC articles.

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