TNPSC VAO Exam Answer key 2017

TNPSC VAO Exam Answer key 2017

TNPSC VAO Exam Answer key 2017: The Tamilnadu Public Service Commission (TNPSC) has announced the official answer key for the Village Administrative Officer post. The written examination for the village Administrative offficer has been held on 17th Of September’2017 for 494 vacancies. A large number of candidates have been participated in the examination at various exam centres across the state. Candidates who are all waiting for the answer key to check their answers can check the answer key by downloading the keys in PDF document file provided by the recruitment board @ .

TNPSC VAO Official Answer Key 2017

TNPSC exam has released the official notification for the Village Administrative Officer Post. The written examination for the post has been held on 17th September 2017. Candidates completing SSLC/Matriculation passed or equivalent from the recognised board are eligibility to apply for the post. Year By year there is gradual increase in participation of candidates appearing for the government examination. There is a high competition for the all government examinations over INDIA to get a high and permanent pay for the selected candidates offer by the examination.

TNPSC VAO Answer Key 2017 Notification

TNPSC VAO has announce 494 no. of vacancies for Village administrative officer post in the year of 2017.  The examination was held on 17th of September 2017 and large number of eligible candidates have attended the examination to get selected for the posts. The cut-off mark expected have already been published in the official website. Now the board has publishing the answer key. Candidates who have participated in written examination can go through official website and download the answer key in pdf format and verify the answers chosen and confirm their cut-off marks to be ready for the selection of the post. The official answer key costs of General Tamil, General English and general awareness. Candidates can choose their respective subject whether it is English Or Tamil.

TNPSC VAO Official Answer Key 2017 Government Answer Key Published

Organization Name Tamilnadu Public Service Commission
Employment Type Government Of Tamilnadu
Name Of Examination post Village Administrative Officer
Mode Of Application Online
Total Number Of Posts 494
Job Location Tamilnadu
Written Examination Date 17th Sep’2017
Answer Key Date Published
Official Website

How To Download Official Answer Key for TNPSC VAO Post 2017


  • Click the result link which is displayed in the right hand side of the home page
  • Select the answer key TAB from the result menu.
  • You will be directed to the answer key page.
  • View the Name of the post column
  • Select the Village Administrative Officer row and click the answer key of the respective exam.
  • Now the answer key will be download
  • Check the answer key and verify your answers.


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Tnpsc VAO official answer key 2016 General knowledge

Tnpsc VAO official answer key 2016 General Tamil

Tnpsc VAO official answer key 2016 General English

81] Parotid gland is affected by D. Mumps virus
82] The Founder Of Nalanda university B. Kumara Gupta
83] Which party in tamilnadu first introduced “Free Noon-Meal”scheme? B. Justice party
84] Most of the Mangrove(sudari)trees are found in the deltas of? C. Hoogly
85] A Major user of wind energy in the world is? A. Asia
86] Rank the first Four Largest paddy producing countries in Asia? D. China, India, Indonesia, Bangladesh
87] Consider the following statement,choose the correct answer:
Assertion (A) :”Liberty means the absence of restraints”-Prof.seely.
Reason (B) : Liberty is the eager maintanance of that atmosphere in which men have the oppertunity to be their best selves. A. Both (A) and (R) are True
88] Lok Adailt was introduced in B. 1987
89] If a particular amount distributed to each of 14 students is Rs.80 more than the amount distributed to each of 18 students,find the amount? A. Rs. 5040
90] Find the sum of the following series 2^2+3^2+…20^2? C. 2869
91] Mr.Raghuveer chaudhry has been nominated for 51st jnanpith Award in december 2015.His language of expertise is? B. Gujarathi
92] Name the country that has approved worlds first dengue vaccine ? B. Mexico
93] choose the correct descending order of heirarchy in the district revenue administration? A. Collector – District Revenue Officer – Revenue Divisional Officer – Tahsildar
94] who is responsible for maintaining and reporting of survey stone? D. Village Administrative Officer
95] consider the following statement:
Assertion(A): government cannot claim any right over the trees in private lands
reason (R) : Under the tamilnadu panchayat Act 1994 certain lands vest in the local body the panchayat have rights over the trees in these lands. B. Both (A) and (R) are true (R) does not explain (A)
96] The cells which provide nourishmentto developing sperms A. Sertoli cells
97] What is mediasteanum? D. Space between the two lungs
98] Hazardous bio-medical wastes are usually disposed off by means of? B. Deep well injection
99] Consider the following statements:
1.Cave pillars are formed when stalacties and stalagmites meet together. is a depositional feature of almost traingular shape at foot hills.
which statements given above is/are correct? A. I only
100]Choose the correct answer:
The atmospheric layer where the decrease of temperature with increasing elevation at a normal lapse rate?

A. Troposphere
101. In Tamilnadu state human rights commision was constituted in 1997
102. B – 2 1 4 3

Age of voting – 18 years, Symbols allocation – election commission, open ballot – Raising hands, Fundamental duties – 42nd Amendment

103. (B) 50
104. If a : b = 2 : 3, b : c = 6 : 5 and a + b+ c = 30, then 2a + 3b + 4c is B. 92
105. B. 1
106. Which state government has launched Anwesha Scheme in December 2015
to provide quality education to scheduled caste and scheduled tribe students? (C) Odisha
107. In September 2015, the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu inaugurated a new
park inside the Vandaloor Zoo. It is the (A) Butterfly Park
108. How many types of wet lands are there? A. 3
109. A. encroachment
110. A. 21 days
111. A. ‘A’ Register
112. B
113. Treaty of purandhar registered in 1665AD – (B)
114. A
115. The government of india introduced the right to education on 1st april 2010
116. C
117. B. 512 cm^3
118. C. 6
119. B. – 820
120. B. (1) is correct and (2) is not correct
121. B – Immunization program
122. C. Mexico – hurricane patricia 2015
123. A. Tahsildar
124. ‘BLO’ term related to Election – BOOTH LEVEL OFFICERS – (A)
125. A
126. Who among the following was the political guru of gandhiji? – (D) Gopala krishna Gohale
127. Poornaswaraj – (D) 1929
128. A) 3 4 2 1
129. C) 80
130. A) 15:8
131. A. 240 cm^3
132. A. First telungana language day was observed on september 9, 2015
133. A) Anthrapredesh
134. B) Adangal
135. D. Deputy Collector, District Revenue Officer or District Collector
136. C. Special Tahsildar (SSS)
137. C) Sugar
138. D. Gypsum
139. A. Respiratory roots
140. Answer : [A]  3  1  4   2
141. Who Is The Political Head Of The Corporation ? Answer : [D] Mayor

142] The Election Commission Of India Is A / An
Answer : [A] Independent Body

143] The Term Of Jammu And Kashmir Legislative Assembly Is
Answer : [C] 6 Years

144] If A and B Together Complete A Work In 20 Days, If A alone Completes The Work In 24 Days, Then B alone Completes The Work In
Answer :

145] Two Numbers Are 10% And 15% Less Than A Third Number . Find The Ratio Of The Two Numbers
Answer : [D] 18 : 17

146] Raman Buys A Washing Machine For Rs.13500 And Sells It At A Loss Of 12%.What Is The Selling Price Of The Washing Machine ?
Answer : [A] 11880

147] Poet Bharathi’s works In 16 Volumes, Consisting Over 10000 Pages Is Compiled By
Answer : [A] Seeni Viswanathan

148] The New Science “ECONOMETRICS” Is A Combination Of

149] In Land Survey, One Link Is Equal To
Answer : A. 0.20 metre

150] Part – Time Village Officers Abolition Act Came Into Force In The Year
Answer : [A] 1984

151] A. 1.25 Acres of Wetland (or) 2.5 Acres of Dry land (or) less than both

152] D) Income certificate is issued by the Thasildar

153] Some metals are used to manufacture coins, Among the metals, which are called coinage metals?

154] D. IV only correct

155] A

156] A

157] B. Tholkappiam

158] B. 3,000

159] A

160] B

161] D

162] A

163] D

164] A

165] B. 17 m

166] C

167] D) Telugu

168] C) Thiyagaraja Bagavathar

169] A) Golgumbaz

170] B) Prime minister of india

171] D. Agriculture

172] A) T R Malthus

173] The Indian Constitution consists of fundamental rights under part – B. Part III

174] If TNPC = 5791 and CUP =169. Then CPU = ? ANS = B

175] The HCF of x^3 + 1 and x^4 – 1 is C. x + 1

176] Which country is set to become the first ever cashless country in the world? – (A) Sweden

177] Which indian cricketer has become the first batsman to cross the 10000 run mark in ranji trophy tournaments?

(A) Wasim jaffer

178] India’s first dolphin Reserve Community is established in (D) West bengal

179] Which railway station has become the first visually challenged friendly station in India?

(A) Mysuru railway station

180] The income certificate is valid only for ——————- months/year from the date of issuance.

(C) 6 Months only

181] Other backward classes (OBC) certificate is issued by (B) Tashildar

182] Which one of the following form is used for Death reporting A. From – 2

183] C. II and III only

184] C. A < B > C

185] D. 98N, zero N

186] The king who issued the infallibility decree was (D) Akbar

187] The tower of arunachaleswara temple was completed by (D) Krishnadevaraya

188] The exvaction of the Indus valley Civilization was done in (A) 1921

189] The physiocrafts considered only the following as productive occupation (B) Agriculture

190] The difference between NNP and NDP D. Net factor income from abroad

191] What is the age limit of Judges of High Court? (C) 65

192] The Chairman of the Constitution Drafting Committee was (A) Dr. B.R. Ambedkar

193] (C) Swayamsidha

194] A. 1 hour

195] (B) VZDQ

196] India’s first dedicated scientific mission to study the outermost layer and the chromosphere of sun is (B) Aditya

197] Which country was recently declared the cow as its National Animal? (C) Nepal

198] The scientist who explained “Big Bang Theory” at first was A. Edwin Hubble

199] 1 Cent is equal to A. 435.6 sq. ft

200] In which of the following lands the land lease is not banned? D. Unassessed dry waste

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