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Tnpsc General English Study Materials Pdf Model Questions With Answer Key

Tnpsc General English Study Materials Pdf

Tnpsc General English Study Materials Pdf: As earlier, The Tamil Nadu Public Service Commission has decided and planned to release the notification on July 2016 for nearly 5000 vacancies in Group 4 exams. As exam will be conducted on October Month 2016, Hope all youngsters making their own preparation. With this, other website will provide you all details like syllabus, exam pattern, Etc. But we are simply different, we would like to share and discuss all subjects which are related to Group 4 exam. Tnpsc General English Study Materials Pdf availble in this page. The study materials are available for all subjects such as Maths, Science, Social, History, Geography, Etc. but it’s rare to get study materials related to General English. Of course, People who getting training from private institution or academy will get all TNPSC stuff.

Tnpsc General English study materials Pdf
Tnpsc General English study materials Pdf

Our Winmeen team always there to help out aspirants who do self preparation from home. Now coming to the discussion, we would like to clear some points about General English. It is advisable to the aspirants that, they must concentrate on same Samacheer English text books from Std 6 to Std 10 and also please do concentrate on Std 11 and 12. Because for past 3 years, TNPSC is preparing question papers to high level of difficulty. As earlier said, please read the books thoroughly with more interest especially when you read Poem. It will be better to memorize all poems because questions will be raised from poetic lines and the author of the poem. The questions from Poetic line will be asked as follows,

“ Now drops that floated on the pool

Like pearls, and now a silver blade”  . Find out the figure of speech for underlined part of poetic line?

The Answer is Metaphor, because it proceeds that both the things as one. So, you must be well known in all types of figure of speech.

The Poetic lines will be given and 4 options of Poem name will be given, u need to choose correct Poem. Sometimes, explanation for Poetic lines will also be asked. The speaker of the line will be asked. The Nationality of Poet will be asked for sure.

So it’s better to thorough the Poem segment. Now coming to Prose segment, you must know the Moral of the story, Character’s name, Important Highlighted lines or inventions, auto biography, Dates, place, Statement, Numerical Figure Etc. For Example, “ Jai Hindh”  whose inspiring words of salutation are these?

Options:   A) Gokhale  B) SCBose  C) B G Tilak   D) M.Gandhi.

The Correct Answer is SC Bose.

You will get 3 to 5 questions from William Shakespeare’s play. Don’t get confused; be prepared well in this portion. It’s really easy if you concentrate well. If it is supplementary, they will ask you to match the title with author’s name and also questions will be asked frequently from Oscar Wilde’s creations like Model Millionaire, The Selfish Giant, Etc.  The antonyms and synonyms will not be asked more than one questions. Read all highlighted words in text book. Mostly these will be covered within book only.

For Grammar part, just focus on syllabus such as Prefix, question tag, Article, Preposition, Spot the error, Fill in the blanks, compound noun, British and American English, Plural & Singular form, Sentence pattern and Compound/Complex sentences. All these grammar part are available at the text book with easy understanding explanation. If you find difficult means, we are here to help you with our study materials. We will have discussion as follows with examples,

Prefix means something has to be fixed before the word to make it meaningful. For example, Mal– nourished and In-visible . Sometimes, it will be asked to pick out wrong prefix or suffix too.

Suffix means something has to be fixed latter end of the word to make it meaningful. For Example, Sing-able.

The Article are “a, an, the” should be used in appropriate blank in the sentence. For example: The Value of a Euro is determined by European countries. Here article ‘a’ is used because the word Euro pronounced as ‘ uro’ where E is silent in the term Euro. The article ‘a’ is used only when vowels( a,e,i,o,u) are used.

Ex for Question Tag:  Please close the door, will you?

Likewise see what is adverb: Ear-ly, Preposition, Plural& singular form, Spotting errors (mainly tenses should be corrected) Etc.

British and American English:

Storm – Tempest,  Cheque – Check, Licence – License and Metre – Meter.

Compound Noun: ExamplesSpell-bound: Noun+verb & Dry-clean: adjective + verb.

Sentence Pattern: Brutus is an honourable man.

Here Brutus is Subject, is- verb and Honourable man – compliment. Thus the sentence pattern is S+V+C = SVC.

Sentence degree:

Egmore is the nearest railway station. –  Superlative degree

Send the resume as soon as possible – Positive degree

She is elder than me – Comparative degree.

For more details and updates about TNPSC, stay with us. You can also subscribe with us. If you have any doubts, please do comment below in given box.  All the Best for your upcoming Examination. Happy  Preparation !!!

general english material 2 general english material 3

general english material 1

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