Discussion on Tnpsc group 4 exam – Part 1

Discussion on Tnpsc group 4 exam – Part 1

Winmeen welcomes you all for the topic of Discussion on Tnpsc group 4 exam – Part 1. Tnpsc candidates everyone knows about syllabus, exam pattern and Marks. Lets start our discussion on tnpsc group 4.

Marks and questions of tnpsc group 4 exam

Simply we can say 200 objective type questions are asked in tnpsc exams. In that 100 questions for language and 100 for general knowledge. Every question gets 1.5 marks. So total mark is 300. The chance of getting selected in exam is more than 160 questions correct that is equal to 240 marks. Normal student easily get 100 to 120 questions correct. But getting more than that is difficult. Most of the students get 120 to 150 questions correct. there is no use, you should get at least 160 questions correct.

Discussion on Tnpsc group 4 exam - Part 1
Discussion on Tnpsc group 4 exam – Part 1

Expected vacancy of tnpsc group 4 exam

Nowadays reading line by line of samacheer kalvi books is the only tricks for tnpsc. We can achieve it, No issues. Here i am fully focusing on tnpsc group 4 exam which is going to be announced soon- may be in july. The expected vacancies are 5000. This is good opportunity for job job seekers to shoe their skills to grab.

Exam analysis of previous tnpsc exams

What are the difficulties in general knowledge 100 questions. We know they are going to ask the questions from one paragraph with linking some points. I am telling about social science and science questions. There is a another good news is group 4 exam questions are in 10th standard level. Most of the questions are asked from 5 standard samacheer books to 10 standard. But we dont expect only from this…10 to 20 questions are asked from other than 10th standard that is from 11th, 12 and degree standard. So we can be prepare for anything. I will tell the questions asked from other than 10 th standard later.

Considering Maths aptitude questions, 20 to 25 questions are asked previously. The frequent mistakes of all students are answering 15 to 18 questions correctly and losing marks of remaining 7 questions. We can get full marks through practice and discussion. Government job is dream job for us. Definitely we should put some hard work and smart work on this. There is no other way. Pinky pankky cant work here.

As per my analysis in last group 2A exam, one candidate got 141 questions correct (Over all rank 9016, communal rank is 3707), Another student got 158 questions correct (Over all rank 610, communal rank is 321). See the difference here, Only 16 questions difference, we are losing that 16 questions in different part of syllabus – especially in maths,science and social science last. I saw most of the students doing well in languages both tamil and english. Considering Tamil, English is easily get good scores.

In tamil also, some difficulty is there. Getting 75 question is some what easy, but getting more than that is far difficult. We need some practices to overcome this in tamil. Most of the students once finished the exam and feeling good, They are getting only 75 LANGUAGE+ 65 GK = 140. 140 is good mark but not enough to get job. This 140 shows the candidates studied well but need some more practices and need concentration on topics which they didnt scored well.

OK. We will discuss how to get full marks in maths and GK on PART – 2. Please revisit the page to get tips, tricks and discussions on tnpsc exam. Thanks…

Discussion on Tnpsc group 4 exam – Part 2

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