Tnpsc Group 2A Exam 2016 General English questions and answers

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Please find the eagerly waited Tnpsc Group 2A Exam 2016 General English questions and answers. In this answer key is helpful for you to cross check your answers.Also reference for Upcoming VAO and Group 4 Exam preparation.

1. “Virgin rock takes form”.
A. Migrant Bird B. The Earth C. Shilpi D. To a Millionaire

2. What does Tagore suggest to lead us to perfection in the poem “Where the mind is without fear”?
A. Tireless striving B. Equality and harmony C. Religious spirit D. Political dogmas

3. “How beautiful you are, Earth, and how sublime
How perfect your obedience to the light and how – noble is your
submission to the sun”
What is the figure of speech used in the above lines?
A. Personification B. Metaphor C. Metonymy D. Simile

4. Which among the response best explains the following line: “Day light
will be on the switch and winter under rock”.
A. daylight will restrict the damaging impact of winter
B. Winter’s chillness will be under the lock of the daylight’s heat
C. Daylight will be turned on when winter is kept under lock
D. There will be a continuous switching over from day to night, and there will not be any changing seasons

5. In the idiom ‘a storm in a teacup’, which of the following is used as a replacement for the word ‘storm’ in American English?
A. Cyclone B. Tempest C. Typhoon D. Hurricane

6. Identify the word pair which is different in pronunciation in British English and American English usage :
British English American English

A. Cheque – check
B. metre – meter
C. schedule – schedule
D. licence – license

7. “Here ’tis, most reverend Doctor, here it is”.
Who is the speaker and who is the listener?
A. Bassanio to Duke B. Shylock to Duke C. Shylock to Portia D. Portia to Shylock

8. In Oscar Wilde’s “The Model Millionaire” Hughie could marry Laura provided
A. he lent a thousand pounds to Laura’s father
B. he gifted Laura ten thousand pounds
C. he came into possession of ten thousand pounds
D. he borrowed ten thousand pounds

9. “Man is born free but is everywhere in chains”. Who made this famous statement?
A. Voltaire B. Jacques Rousseau C. Descartes D. Napoleon

10. Identify the work which is not written by Oscar Wilde?
A. The Selfish Giant B. The Happy Prince C. The Importance of Being Earnest D. Snake

11. Identify the work known for its nationalist theme.
A. The Model millionaire B. Keep Your Spirits High C. Our Local Team D. Where the mind is without fear

12. Match the poetic lines under column A with the figures of speech under column B and select the correct answer from the codes given below :
Column A                                                                        Column B
a. You are the mouth and lips of eternity                1. Alliteration
b. About the fun of flying                                            2. Onomatoepia
c. In the boom of the tingling strings                       3. Metaphor
d. The Ship has weather’d every rack                       4. Personification

a b c d A. 2 1 3 4 B. 2 3 1 4 C. 4 1 2 3 D. 1 4 3 2

13.”I care not where the skies begin”.
Find out the option closet in meaning to the above line.
A. The migrant birds have many limitations
B. The birds have got a jurisdiction in the sky
C. The birds have got boundaries within which they can fly
D. The birds can have limitless jurisdiction and abundant freedom

14. In the poem, “The Solitary Reaper”, Wordsworth addresses this song to one ‘Solitary Highland Lass’. What does, the poet mean by the word, ‘Highland’?
A. England B. Ireland C. Scotland D. Iceland

15. If you can meet with triumph and disaster; And treat those two impostors just the same :-
Find out the word nearest opposite in meaning to ‘Impostor’ from the options.
A. Pretender B. Quack C. Expert D. Sham

16. In the lesson “Yaanai Malai”, the lesson writer Manohar Devadoss says,
“Sometimes landscape can speak to us”. This expression is purely
A. a baseless illusion B. an exaggerated hyberbola
C. a subjective impression D. an objective interpretation

17. Mahema, the wife of the lesson-write, Maohar Devadiss, was suffering from the disease
A. Paralysis B. Back-pain C. Varicose veins D. Spondylitis

18. American English equivalent for ‘puncture’ is
A. flat-out B. blast-out C. blow-out D. crash out

19.’Window shade’ in American English is in British English.
A. wind screen B. window C. blind D. wind

20.Identify the incorrect pair of British English and American English expressions
A. bonnet – cover B. goods train – freight train C. dustbin – trash can D. chips – French fries

21. Choose the work which is not written by Pearl S Buck.
A. The Good Earth B. My Several Worlds C. The Child who never Grew D. Pygmalion

22. In Julius Caesar, Antony says,
“The evil that men do lives after them; The good is oft interred with their bones;” This means
A. The evil that men do is forgotten after their death
B. The evil that men do is remembered after their death
C. The good that men do is balanced with the evil they do
D. The good that men do is remembered after their death

23.”Honesty and Truth are interrelated.
Honesty is basically an expression of truth”.
This is said by .
A. Kiran Bedi B. Mahatma Gandhi C. Dale Carnegie D. Hope Spencer

24. Which one of the following compound-nouns is wrong?
A. Coat – of – mails B. Governors – general C. Runners – up D. Grown – ups

25 .”Now drops that floated on the pool
Like pearls, and now a silver blade”.
What figure of speech can you find in the underlined part of the above lines?
A. Personification B. Metonymy C. Metaphor  D. Transferred epithet

26 .”Into the dreary desert sand of dead habit”
What figure of speech can be identified in the aforesaid line from the
poem, “Where the Mind is Without Fear”?
A. Oxymoron B. Synecdoche C. Assonance D. Alliteration

27. Identify the statement that best explains the used of metaphor in “laugh till the game is played; and be merry, my friend”.
A. laughter is compared to a merry-making game
B. game is compared to a merry friendship
C. life is compared to laughter and merry making
D. life is compared to a game

28. In “On the day of Sicilian July, with Etna smoking” The reference to
Sicilian July is an example of
A. Anaphora B. Metaphor C. Ellipsis D. Allusion

29. What did the “Last man in” in the story “Our Local Team” do what was the umpire’s reaction?
A. The Last man hit a sixer and the umpired raised his indicating finger
B. The Last man hit a boundary and the umpired levelled his hands on both sides
C. The Last man hit a boundary with his pad and was given L.B.W.
D. The Last man hit a boundary with his pad but the umpire maintained telling ‘Not Out’

30 .’The life of a student is, comparatively speaking, a sheltered life’
What does Gokhale mean by this?
Choose the one statement which is inappropriate.
A. They are protected by their parents
B. They have lesser responsibilities
C. They need not discharge their duties as students
D. They have the privilege of being helped by others

31 .”Count your blessings, not your troubles” – Here the writer’s emphasis is on .
A. Pessimism B. Nihilism C. Optimism D. Truism

32. What is the speciality of the ‘Vimanams’ of the Brihadeesvarar temple?
A. Built of teak wood
B. Built with a special kind of mortar
C. Built with stones with bonding and notching
D. Built up without the use of mortar

33. In Julius Caesar, Antony speaks the following line :
“This was the most unkindest cut of all”.
The ‘cut’ in the above line refers to the stab of
A. Casca B. Cassius C. Brutus D. Pompey

34. Choose the correct answer from the options given below :
“In every land is common life
That all can recognize and understand” These lines are taken from the poem

A. With a friend B. No men are foreign C. My native land D. To India

35. Many of Pearl S. Buck’s books have background.
A. American B. Chinese C. Scottish D. Burmese

36. The right plural form for the word underlined in the following sentence is John speaks without basis.
A. basises B. basics C. basal D. bases

37. Choose the complex sentence out of the four sentence given below :
A. Failing prompt payment, the goods must be returned by you
B. He was a mere boy but he offered to fight the giant
C. He must have done his duty, for he is a conscientious man
D. He succeeded although his success was not expected

38. Identify the sentence pattern. Brutus is an honourable man.

39. Identify the sentence which is in the superlative degree.
A. All his colleagues are senior to him
B. The nearest railway station is two kilometres from here
C. My knife is sharper than yours
D. Of the two evils, choose the less

40. Cull out the word formed by combining adjective and verb from the following options :
A. school boy B. dry clean C. outrun D. radio active

41. As in the concentration camp and the evening of 9/11, the artistes are the ones who might be able to help us with our internal, invisible lives”.
Which are the two countries associated with concentration camp and 9/11 tragedy respectively?
Choose the right option from the following;
A. Russia and Germany B. Germany and Italy C. Germany and America D. Iraq and America

42. At high school Paulnack scored good grades in .
A. Science and Maths B. Science and Arts 6 C. Science and Humanities D. Arts and Crafts

43. The first Asian composer to score a symphony for the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra is .
A. Naushad B. Ustad Bade Ali Khan C. A.R. Rehman D. Ilaiyaraaja

44. I’m not going to be a scientist:
Or some one, who reads the news on TV No, a million birds will fly through me. I’m going to be a tree’
what does the poet want to become when he/she grows up? Choose the best option from the following:
A. Scientist B. Naturalist C. Animal Species D. Part of nature

45. In which of the following state is Ottan Koothu performed?
A. Tamil nadu B. Andhra Pradesh C. Kerala D. Karnataka

46. In which of the following does Ivan Dmitritch appear?
A. The Selfish Giant B. The Last Leaf C. The lottery Ticket D. The open window

47.Match the following:

Story                                     Character

a. Two Friends                   1. Mr. Nuttel

b. The open window         2. Colonel Dumoulin

c. The last Left                   3. Ivan Dmitritch

d. The Lottery Ticket        4. Behrman

a   b   c   d

A. 2   3   4   1

B. 2   1   4   3

C. 2   1   3   4

D. 2   3   1   4

48.”A Psalm of Life” appeared in the collection of poems titled .
A. Wayside Inn (1855) B. Evangeline (1847) C. Miles Standish (1858) D. Voices of the Night (1839)

49. Read the sentence to find out whether there is any error. If there is any error, mark the part A, B, C or D as the case may be.
Most of the victims has underwent first aid by the time the ambulance van reached the accident site.

A                                  B                                C                                        D
A. A    B. B     C. C   D. D

50. Fill out the blank with the appropriate conditional:
You had better consult a doctor, your condition will become worse.
A. unless B. otherwise C. Provided that D. in case

51. Identify the correct sentence from the four options given below:
A. All that glitters are not gold B. All that glitter are not gold C. All that glitter was not gold D. All that glitters is not gold

52. Which among the following words cannot be used as an adverb?
Well, early, daily, lonely
A. well B. lonely C. early D. daily

53. Find out the odd word from the list given below:
A. Common B. strange C. usual D. regular

54. In Oscar Wilde’s ‘The Model Millionaire’ why did Alan Trevor leave the studio for a few minutes?
A. He had another appointment B. He went to see his son C. He went to see a frame maker D. He want to see a customer

55. In Oscar Wilde’s “The Selfish Giant’, came and took the giant to Paradise.
A. Jesus Christ B. An angel C. An evil spirit D. The giant’s friend

56. In Oscar Wilde’s ‘The Model Millionarie’, Alan Trevor was a good painter because
A. he was strict B. he had natural talent C. he was popular D. he was friendly

57. In Oscar Wilde’s ‘The Selfish Giant’ the giant saw something marvellous in his garden. He saw

A. a Silver tree with golden blossoms
B. a golden tree with white blossoms
C. a pink tree with yellow blossoms
D. a dull tree with no blossoms

58.”… though he had no hand in his death, Shall receive the benefit of his dying, a place in the commonwealth”.
Who is speaking about whom in the above passage from Julius Caesar?
A. Antony about Brutus B. Brutus about Antony C. First Citizen about Brutus D. Octavious about Antony

59. Which of the following is the title of a poem written by Berton Braley?
A. Prayer for My daughter B. Prayer of a sportsman C. Where the mind is without fear D. Silent Prayer

60. What is the nationality of Robert Frost?
A. British B. Canadian C. American D. French

61. Pick out the sentence which is in active voice.
A. He is loved by all B. The field is ploughed C. The thief was caught D. The man cut down the tree

62. Fill out the blank with the suitable option given below: I went there .
A. to examine personally the situation
B. to examine the situation personally
C. Personally examining the situation
D. examining personally the situation

63. Pick out the sentence which is grammatically correct and meaningful:
A. Do not alter the course of action
B. The Carpenter cut off a large bow of timber
C. The landscape was bear
D. The site of our college building is very beautiful

64. Fill in the blanks with the most suitable word from the options. She held the in her hand.
A. reigns B. rains C. reins D. raigns

65. Identify the play in which the following lines appear.
“Ambition should be made of Sterner stuff’

A. Antony and Cleopatra B. Julius Caesar C. The Merchant of Venice D. Macbeth

66. Choose the incorrect option. The court scene in The Merchant of Venice is about .
A. Antonio’s pleading for justice
B. Portia’s argument in favour of Shylock
C. Shylock’s claim of a pound of Christian flesh
D. Portia’s argument against Shylock’s claim of a pound of flesh

67. Which is the native town of Portia of “The Merchant of Venice”?
A. Venice B. Belmont C. Sicily D. Rome

68. Who makes the following statement in Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar: “Not that I loved Caesar less, but that I loved Rome more”.
A. Brutus B. Antony C. First citizen D. Octavius

69. In Oscar Wilde’s ‘The Selfish Giant’, the giant returned to his castle after seven years because
A. he had urgent business at home
B. his business with his friend was over
C. his fried was sick
D. he was not well

70. What was the title given to the Maratha Ruler?
A. Badshah B. Mir Alam C. Peshwa D. Maharaj

71. The poet, Khalil Gibran was born in .Fill in the blank by choosing the right option given below.
A. Greece B. Lebanon C. Syria D. Egypt

72. When do we celebrate World Environment Day?
A. 5th May B. 5th July C. 5th June D. 5th August

73. We believe that as a nation and as people we need to shed our cynicism and initiate concrete action to realise the second vision.
Choose the correct synonym for the underlined word.
A. Stop B. instruct C. install D. begin

74. Choose the correct answer from the options given below:
‘who is here so base that would be a bondman’ These words are spoken by
A. Brutus B. Antonio C. Portia D. Antony

75. Find out the word that has got a wrong prefix.
A. Invincible B. Indelible C. Malnourished D. Unaccessible

76. Fill in the blanks with a suitable article.
The value of Euro is determined according to the conversion rate fixed by eleven European countries in terms of their own currencies.
A. the    B. an    C. a    D. no article

77. Fill out the blank with suitable preposition given below: The book comprises seven lessons.
A. of    B. no preposition    C. for    D. in

78. Complete the sentence with a suitable question tag.
Please close the door, .
A. will you? B. will he? C. can you? D. should you?

79. Which one of the following tag questions is incorrect?
A. Anand likes oranges, doesn’t he?
B. It is raining, isn’t it?
C. I am a teacher, am not I?
D. He did not break the window, did he?

80. Choose the correct alternative from the options given below: He used to visit us every week, but now.
A. rearly comes B. was rarely coming C. has rarely come D. had rarely come

81. What is the name of the commander whose forgiveness Abraham Lincoln sought for being rude to him?
A. Colonel Scott B. Colonel Henry C. Colonel James D. Colonel Wilson

82.’Jai Hindh’ – whose inspiring words of salutation are these?
A. Gokhale B. Subhash Chandra Bose C. Bala Gangadara Tilak D. Mahatma Gandhi

83. Identify the person who fought for the preservation of many important forests, like the Bharatpur, Bird sanctuary and Silent Valley.
A. Medha Patkar B. Zai Whitaker C. Dr. Salim Ali D. Arundhathi Roy

84. Pick out the statement which is wrong about Mahatma Gandhi.
A. Mahatma Gandhi was a ceaseless crusader of women’s equality
B. Gandhi was no advocate of blind adherence to tradition
C. He was an extraordinary lover of truth
D. Gandhi considered women to be unfit for any position or task

85. Why did Brutus kill Julius Caesar, according to Brutus own defense?
A. Because Caesar was ambitious B. Because Brutus loved Caesar less C. Because Brutus loved Rome less D. Because Caesar was valiant

86. Which of the following poem is written by David Roth?
A. Be Glad Your Nose is on Your Face B. Nine Gold Medals C. Manliness D. Is life But a Dream?

87. Match the poems with the poets:
a. Earth                                                            1. D.H. Lawrence
b. Snake                                                           2. H.W. Longfellow
c. A Psalm of life                                            3. Khalil Gibran
d. Be Glad Your Nose is on Your Face      4. Jack Prelutsky

a b c d

A. 3 1 2 4

B. 1 3 4 2

C. 2 3 1 4

D. 4 3 2 1
88. Who among the following is the author of the story. “The Wooden Bowl”?
A. Leo Tolstoy B. Oscar Wilde C. Guy de Mauppasant D. R.K. Narayan

89. “The highest result of education is tolerance”. Who made this statement?
A. Rabindranath Tagore B. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam C. Helen Keller D. Oscar Wilde 12

90. Match the words and phrases given in Column A with their meanings in Column B:
Column A                                Column B
a. Power to inspire             1. Composure
b. Calm manner                  2. Sneer
c. Contemptuous smile      3. Charisma
d. Range of skills                 4. Versatality

a b c d
A. 3 1 4 2
B. 3 1 2 4
C. 4 3 2 1
D. 2 1 4 3

91. Find out the synonym for the underlined word from the options given.
But he became nothing, a delightful, ineffectual young man with a perfect profile and no profession.
A. useful B. useless C. intelligent D. clever

92. Choose the appropriate antonym of the underlined word from the options given:
“This strict court of Venice must needs give sentence against the
merchant there’.
A. rigid B. magnanimous C. stern D. lenient

93. Choose the option which is opposite in meaning to the underlined word.
The creature seemed to be tottering with fear.
A. dancing B. motionless C. jumping D. running

94. Name the poem in which the following lines appear: No nightingale did ever chaunt
More welcome notes to weary bands.
A. A Psalm of life B. Going for water C. Ode to a nightingale D. The solitary Reaper

95. Identify the poet who wrote the following lines:
“We ran as if to meet the moon
That slowly dawned behind the trees”.
A. Norman Nicholson B. Jack Pralutsky C. Robert Frost D. Ralph Waldo Emerson

96. And so, I missed my chance with one of the lords of life.
And I have something to expiate; A Pettiness
These lines appear in
A. A Noiseless Patient Spider B. Snake C. A Panoramic View D. The Man he Killed

97. What is the name of the episode on Abraham Lincoln in the book
“The war years Volume III”?
A. The comforts you have is the one you live
B. The money you spend is the one you live
C. The happiness you have is the one you live
D. The legacy you leave is the one you live

98. The line “A slender tinkling fall that made” contains .
A. Allusion  B. Onomatopoeia C. Ellipsis D. Repetition

99.’Dust thou art, to dust returnest, Was not spoken of the soul’.
Which of the following options best explains the above lines?
A. We are born from the dust and we return to dust
B. Human life is not immortal
C. The question of mortality does not apply to soul
D. The soul is dead when the body is dead

100. Steady throb
Then staccato rhythm
Harmonic cacophony to oblivious ears
What is the meaning of the underlined word?
A. Mellifluous music B. Rowing notes C. Melodious but noisy music D. Irregular and jarring notes

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